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February 19, 2018
February 17, 2018

    Altris HD

    Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging

    Alembic Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading in the industry, had come up with a natural hair dye which was completely chemical free. This made the herbal hair dye stand out from the others in the category which wasn’t natural. So calling it a dye turned out to be fallacious, diluting the standards of the brand. What had to be built for this hair dye to really stand out from the clutter was a new product category.

    Turning it into a high-end product, we had to ensure that the hair dye, Altris HD, enjoyed a wider reach and a higher visibility among the masses by being an OTC or ‘over the counter’ drug as well as a professionally prescribed drug.

    How a prescribed hair-dye becomes a preference Over The Counter?

    At ABND, we saw through the rebuilding of a brand identity to be a successful one by positioning Altris HD as a hair hue therapy instead of a hair dye. It was not just a product but the entire therapeutic experience that one would be thus ensured of purchasing.

    Undertaking in-depth research we found out that products that are clinically recommended do not enjoy the allure of display. Thus it won’t be the task to make the dye or the cream sit pretty on an aisle, with the traditional imagery of glossy hair that the packages of this kind, in their competitor zone, usually displayed. This kind of packaging would not complement the nature of the organic, clinically recommended dye and even the price quoted of the product, which made it a premium hair therapy.


    The buying cycle of an OTC drug, we found out, was engendered by word of mouth. What enables word of mouth marketing? Adequate labeling, self-explanatory user instructions, low-risk positioning like being natural and chemical free were standards to reckon with.

    So, without the allure of the packaging, which needed to be toned down and given the medical feel, adequate labeling and descriptors were woven in the packaging in an interactive manner. Apart from the dye, the box of Altris HD was designed to hold all the elements that were required for applying the dye- hairbrush, latex gloves and a shower cap.


    The positioning of being ‘100% natural’ was the strategy we went ahead with. On opening the box, one will be congratulated for buying a 100% natural product that nourishes the hair. The word of mouth marketing is facilitated by making experiences memorable. People will be convinced of spending more on a hair dye only if they get to experience a natural and an all-encompassing hair treatment that nourishes your hair.


    Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging