Beautex - ABND
Kinita Kadakia
February 6, 2018
February 2, 2018


    Positioning, Brand Identity, Communication

    Since 1963 Beautex has been skilfully crafting both commercial and residential spaces, providing design expertise in flooring and cladding as well as doors and windows. However, internally, the people working indoors and windows didn’t know the functioning of the flooring and cladding departments. Externally too, instead of propelling Beautex as a brand, the products had become primary. Throughout the 5 decades long journey, Beautex had been enhancing urban life with quality experience in spatial design and architecture. But that was not clear in their communication.

    When Beautex partnered with ABND, they wanted to change their approach, from being product centric to brand-centric. In the future ahead, Beautex was also looking at expanding into several other products. So they didn’t want people to perceive them as a flooring brand or a doors and windows company.

    We identified the target market composition as inclusive of the homeowners, architects, interior designers, builders and project managers. It was found that the homeowner, project manager and builder generally sought the approval of the experts in the field of spatial design, the architect and the interior designer.

    Escalating from product centric to brand centric approach

    The learnings from our research gave way to a further realization that while the architect is the primary influencer in buying decisions in the cladding, the interior designer usually decides the quality and type of flooring. The doors and windows of a building are decided by the homeowner. The architect, however, is the common link between the homeowner, the builder/project manager, and the interior designer. He emerged as the main spokesperson for this chain of influencers in the field of spatial design.


    So the premise of a brand building was clear. If architects trust Beautex, then our target market has no reason to doubt its credibility. The tagline was strategically crafted to achieve a sense of authority- “Trusted by architects since 1963.” Mentioning the year of foundation also reflected experience and excellence. Conviction and conversion happen easily when there is a legacy attached to a brand.

    We did a brand workshop with their pan Indian team including all the top executives of Beautex. Here, ABND, presented the new positioning of the company. A brand-centric approach was proposed over a product-specific approach. Beautex was positioned as solution-oriented skilled craftsmen, manufacturing and curating spatial design products.


    We wanted them to speak out their legacy in their visual identity so the founding year was incorporated in the tagline. We structured their joint venture communication and made it compatible with their new visual identity. Considering they had international partners all across the globe, the communication had to be consistent and clear. Establishing a social media presence, we went ahead in deciding their strategies and campaigns. The website was revamped, escalating from a product-centric to a brand centric view in building the identity.

    Positioning, Brand Identity, Communication