Bharat - ABND
February 7, 2018
Kinita Kadakia
February 6, 2018


    Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Communication

    Bharat Infrastructure & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. had been in the infrastructure and development industry since 1977. When Bharat wanted to partner with ABND, they had already come a long way from having humble roots as sons of the soil to becoming a team of professional builders, project engineers, cost control specialists etc. working together in collaboration towards creating customized solutions in construction.

    We were tasked to rebrand Mumbai based Bharat Infrastructure & Construction in order to position it as a lifestyle brand with signature living amenities, in contemporary relevance to their target audience.

    Building for the builders: How does a lifestyle brand stand tall?

    When rebranding Bharat, we tried to capture the essence of Bharat’s heritage and expertise while also suggesting that its excellence lied in consistent innovation. Thus, “Experience, Excellence, Evolution” become the brand motto and was extended through all their communication. Experience referred to their forty-year-old legacy. Evolution in quality, technology, durability, aesthetics and most importantly, the evolution of meaningful infrastructure became their raison d’etre. Bharat positioned itself as a spatial expert and not just a construction expert, striving to get better with every upcoming project.


    How does all the projects undertaken by Bharat come to be identified under one brand name? We decided to craft the brand architecture for Bharat by bringing together all their projects under the umbrella term ‘vistas,’ which literally means the panorama of a landscape.

    Thus came into being Ecovistas, ensconced in lush greens, Clubvistas, with all extravagant club life facilities within the residential space, Skyvistas, boasting of the tallest skyscrapers in the vicinity and Parkvistas, overlooking beautiful green parks.


    The Bharat logo has a deliberately familiar quality to it. It depicts its rootedness, heritage and strength through a thick and bold brown font. The ability to innovate and evolve lies in the incompleteness of the typography of the logotype.

    The visual language depicts an adaptation of a city grid, illustrating Bharat’s experience and evolution.

    Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Communication