ChefMa - ABND
Altris HD
February 18, 2018
Art Village
February 16, 2018


    Brand Concept, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging

    A startup envisioned to bring the best of the edible dreams of home makers on one platform. Empowering all women to not just cook in the kitchen but use it as a means of livelihood, to package their homemade snacks, jams and pickles under one brand name, the brand identity of this startup needed to be impactful to stand out from their competition – the mass manufactured goods in big retail chains.

    Making homemade products available in larger market places was definitely the defining USP for this brand to be kept in mind when crafting the brand identity of this startup. With so many migrants in the urban spaces craving for home food this was an important USP around which the brand imagery could be built.

    How can a home maker's dream stand out from mass manufactured goods?

    Going by the brand positioning, we used elements that represented age-old traditions like the pickle jar and the iconic profile of an Indian mother. The bindi clad forehead of the mother was merged with a front facing pickle jar.

    Hand-done typography complemented the symbol. This symbol of the pickle jar was merged with the mother’s forehead, placed strategically in between ‘Chef’ and ‘Ma.’ The logo was developed in a way such that the F and the M were forming an arc around the symbol placed in the middle of Chef and Ma. This gave a feeling that the brand ‘ChefMa’ was protecting tradition, the Indian mother and the pickle jar.


    To affirm the traditional appeal of the brand, it was imperative that the products be sold in brown paper packaging for the snacks and jute clothed jars for pickles and jams. Deriving from the brand positioning, quirky taglines like ‘Low on oil high on ma ka pyaar’ or ‘Zero% Preservatives 100% Ma ka pyaar’ would pep up the look and feel of the traditional homemade goodies.


    The colour scheme chosen for the logo, yellow and brown, were selected keeping in mind the colours of the home and the hearth which represented domesticity and tradition.


    Brand Concept, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging