February 19, 2018
February 19, 2018


    Rebranding, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging

    ColourMeGood or CMG, as the brand called itself when it first met us, is a phone covers and skins specialist. As the name suggests, it offers a multitude of colours for the latest iPhone or the Nexus. The big question was, “Are colours enough as a proposition for the discerning users?”

    One question led to the next and then to another. In the end, we were questioning the very mortality of phone covers/skins as a utility in the times to come. We even questioned the current target audience identified by the brand to be the correct one as a part of our validation exercise. It, thus, became an exercise in not just building a pretty brand that offers colours. It became about identifying a bigger purpose for the business. Importantly, we envisaged the possible product line and category expansions that would target an evolving audience called the ‘Gen Z’. We believe that to remain relevant a good brand plans to prepare for mindsets that would eventually become dominant in future. That exactly became the strategic direction for CMG.

    Reaching the Pot of Gold at the End of Colours

    Extensive ground interviews, application of proprietary approaches to identify customer sets, the anchor-focus model, etc. led to invaluable insights. Such recommendations could enable CMG extend beyond skins and covers into other categories and yet remain relevant with the Gen Z who are a ‘no-nonsense mindset’ and definitely, a lot different from the millenials.

    Finally, for the launch, the visual identity was refreshed. The colour selections and overall design adhered to design principles including the maintaining of the golden ratio for longevity and prolonged relevance. The refreshed identity was adapted to the skin and cover cases, shop fascia, business cards and merchandise as a showcase. The look and feel of the print communication template and website was also created.


    CMG - A Classic Case of Steering Passion towards Purpose

    Enthusiasm and passion drove the founders of CMG, so much so that we at ABND wanted to flow with them. However, we realized that passion without purpose is futile. CMG is a classic case where we focussed on building business purpose first for brand longevity. We are proud to be associated with clients like CMG who also understood the significance of purpose.

    Do meet us at chai-coffee, if you are an emerging CMG or could well do with a hello before building a thriving brand.


    Rebranding, Brand Identity, Communication, Packaging