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May 30, 2019
May 15, 2019


    Positioning, Communication, Website


    InfiniChains is a Silicon Valley based Blockchain technology company. They specialise in counterfeit prevention, tractability and traceability and authentication of origin of materials in various industries.


    InfiniChains approached ABND with their newest venture; Credible. Credible is a blockchain powered technology company that provides A to Z tracking of any product lifecycle. Through Credible, any buyer would have access to information of each stage in the product manufacturing process i.e. the farmer, raw material, processing facilities etc. which ensures 100% credibility and promotes sustainable practices. InfiniChains needed to establish a positioning and communication strategy, that not only helps communicate the business to fashion brands but also spreads awareness among consumers.

    A brand for those who seek beyond quality products. They seek a responsible living.

    The target audience was identified based on a consumer classification into four main categories i.e. the responsible go-getters, the discerning achievers, the aspirationalists and the pragmatists. On studying the individual traits of each category of consumers, the discerning achievers and the aspirationalists were found to have characteristics that an ideal Credible audience would have. The Gen X, Millennials and elder Gen Z from age groups 18 to 55 were targeted. These people are the ones who seek value over price, are firm believers in sustainable practices and care about the future of the world. However, this doesn’t stop them from being extremely fashion forward and trendy at the same time.

    Credible as a brand had to be projected to the audience as a medium through which they could give back to the product ecosystem. By providing ultimate transparency at every step, it ensured that all the middle men are rightly paid and credited for their services. It also ensured that every individual had the power to make right purchase decisions.


    Credible is the platform that not only ensures authenticity and sustainability, it also empowers a customer to give back to the product ecosystem.

    We realised that like Hallmark is to Gold or Forevermark is to Diamonds, Credible had to not just be a service provider, but rather a mark of authenticity and credibility. The brand needed to be built such that few ways down the road, the Credible mark itself would be enough to make a buyer trust a brand or purchase a product.


    Credible is a digital platform for supply chain transparency and authenticity. Our blockchain powered monitoring system empowers the conscious buyer to give back to the product ecosystem by choosing sustainable and fair trade products.

    The Credible story was then translated in the visual style and design for the product journey. The brand was extended further throughout its digital and physical communications

    Positioning, Communication, Website