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May 2, 2019
Allora City
April 17, 2019


    Brand Name, Brand Concept, Brand Identity, Packaging


    Established in 1998, Abhinav Group of Industries is the largest thermoforming manufacturer of India. Headquartered in Mumbai, Abhinav Group of Industries and Ashtavinayak Industries are the two companies which form Abhinav Group.

    Abhinav Industries are the proud leaders in manufacturing disposable plastic cups and glasses, sustainable packaging and food containers ranging from 50ml to 1200ml. Ashtavinayak Industries has the best technology in India to manufacture disposable plastic container lids, trays, biscuit trays, serving open bowl, food plates, take-away plates, sweet boxes, chocolate boxes and many more.


    Due to the changing environments and ecosystems, Abhinav Industries wanted to make a difference by manufacturing eco-friendly disposable tableware, as a healthy and safer alternative to plastic and thermoform. They needed a brand that not only clearly communicated its eco-friendly nature at a glance, but was able to resonate to a diverse audience.

    Creating a smart brand for a balanced tomorrow.

    The new eco-friendly tableware brand had a few unique features that could make it stand out from competitors in this market. This included having clean white tableware, rather than dusky brown as competitors and having prominent features like being water and oil proof. These features were used to arrive to two routes for this brand. It was completely pure owing to its unique colour, quality and design, and it was smart due to its resistant qualities and its usability. The products were said to be free from all cancer-causing agents, which thereby led to both routes merging as one. Purity and Smartware for this new brand stood for the smart choices that would lead to a pure and better tomorrow.

    After lengthy brainstorming sessions, mind mapping and through our proprietary 14 step naming process, the name Dinearth was finalised. Dinearth was derived from the experience that a person has whilst dining with nature and in the midst of nature. The products being completely natural and made from earth, the purity of the products couple with the purity in nature.

    Dinearth symbolizes the connect that every individual has with nature. It emphasises that every action has a reaction and that today defines our future tomorrow.

    The shades of green chosen were used to directly depict the nature friendly attributes of the brand and to connect to audiences across different strata of society.

    The packaging for Dinearth was designed to effectively highlight the features and the usability of the products.

    The packaging also included a brand story, allowing audiences to connect with the brand and its vision.


    Look around you, what do you see? Do you see our Earth in all its green and pure glory? Or do you see pollution, wastage, and an ever-deteriorating environment? Every action has a reaction and every change has an impact.

    Dinearth is a new age reusable and recyclable tableware, created to cast a green reflection of today onto tomorrow. Through Dinearth, we can create a smart, safe and pure Earth and live as one with nature.

    Brand Name, Brand Concept, Brand Identity, Packaging