India Nightlife - ABND
February 19, 2018
Altris HD
February 18, 2018


    Brand Concept, Brand Identity

    India Nightlife Convention and Awards (INCA), an initiative by National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), aimed to bring India’s nightlife industry together. It is the first platform designed to bring together and recognize the various stakeholders of one of India’s most vibrant and fastest growing industries – nightlife. “Make Mumbai 24 x 7” was the motto of Indian Nightlife Convention and Awards 2016 as the industry debated on how to create a more vibrant night life, keeping in mind laws and regulations.

    Making way for a vibrant Indian night life. How do you brand that right?

    This was one of a kind in our bag, crafting a communication design for a unique bar and nightlife initiative. It was challenging because we knew we were building the brand identity of not just any award ceremony but a platform which would represent the entire Indian nightlife scenario.


    We experimented with Indian motifs like elephants and peacocks specifically to crack India Bar Inc.’s brand identity. The aspect of Indianness had to be emphasized through the logo, interweaved with the symbolic representation of nightlife. The India Bar Inc. logo cleverly uses an iconic Indian elephant to not only portray a sense of Indianness but to project the characteristic strength of the tusked mammal moving together in huge herds, drawing a parallel to the ‘strength in numbers’ that is provided by the brand’s objective of being a stalwart consortium of bars and nightlife entertainment providers. Just as a herd of elephants would stay together, India Bar wanted all the bars and clubs in their ambit to be bound by the same philosophy.


    In the logo the three distinct forms of the cocktail glass and two bottles emerging in the negative space between the elephant’s legs reiterate the concept of unique bar owners coming together under the same platform; not in a manner that loses their distinctiveness, but instead adding value to one another by encouraging an exchange of ideas.


    The logotype is handcrafted by us, with edges of the letters being rounded to complement the look of the elephant.

    Apart from the logo we came up with the design of the podium and the trophy for the event. Both were stylized in the form of an elongated elephant, keeping in mind the visual identity of the logo.


    Brand Concept, Brand Identity