Kathiwada - ABND
February 9, 2018
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February 9, 2018


    Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity

    The Kathiwada Royal Family dates back nearly 700 years to 1434. They have their own raj mahal converted into a luxury resort. They also have multiple engagements in charity, fashion and sports. Melange, their fashion label for bespoke women’s wear, is hugely popular. KAS Foundation, their sports auction brand, is highly acclaimed for dealing in exquisite cricket memorabilia. The royal family also has a charitable foundation.

    They had separate brand names and identities for all functions, which resulted in an inconsistent and confusing brand architecture. We identified that they were not using the royal name to their advantage, for example their auction company was called KAS Foundation without spelling out the Kathiwada legacy.

    They were also looking to introduce a bespoke men’s wear and initiate an endeavour dedicated to custom sports apparel and corporate wear. So a thorough brand cleanup and a streamlining of the brand architecture was primary.

    Bringing order in the royal house

    We divided the Kathiwada enterprise into group brands, endorsed brands and freestanding brands.

    Group Brands encompassed brands that would always carry the “Kathiwada” name before them. They are directly associated with the Group. Under this group was placed Kathiwada Raajmahal, Kathiwada Foundation, Kathiwada Auctions and Kathiwada Arts and Sports. The name Kathiwada Foundation remained unchanged. All charitable work would be managed from here. Kathiwada Arts & Sports becomes the brand under which all sports and art-related initiatives take place while the name KAS Foundations was changed into Kathiwada Auctions for all their endeavours in sports auction. The Raajmahal would not only include their royal property but any other which they converted to hotels. In future, if the number of hotels increases and the need to separate them arise, Kathiwada Hospitality can be considered as a label or a group company; it need not then be a registered entity unless required for business reasons.

    Under freestanding brands are those which have already built their brand equity or may not connect very well with the Group brand. They are intentionally kept stand-alone. Melange should come under this group. Having years of brand equity, it does not require a group label. Moreover, the product offering does not connect with the endeavours of the Group. The future bespoke men’s wear brand should also be a stand-alone, alternatively, it could simply be extended from Melange.

    The third category of endorsed brands have their own identity. Here, the company logo is supported by “A Kathiwada Company” or “By Kathiwada Group.” These are brands that are endorsed by the group. As an example, the company logo is supported by “A Kathiwada Company” or “By Kathiwada Group.” Here fits in their brand for corporate wear and sportswear.

    This new brand architecture was also extended online.


    Kathiwada, as a brand, was always into multiple associations with cricket and sports, making it necessary to have a separate brand name and identity for their sportswear segment. Thus, one of their endorsed brand was envisioned to be a trusted leader in customised sports and corporate clothing solutions. Like endorsed brands are, this brand would carry the legacy of the Kathiwada name in the tag but not retain it in its name. Our naming experts named the brand 'Conqvest', a coined word which gave a sense of conquering the vest, a feeling of triumph that sportsmen want to feel always. Stationery and the clothing line labels were then created keeping the brand legacy in mind.

    Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity