Kinita Kadakia - ABND
February 6, 2018
February 5, 2018


    Positioning, Brand Identity

    Kinita Kadakia, the star sports nutritionist who has worked closely with the Mumbai Indians team, big sports personalities, business tycoons and film stars, was already very well known in the circle of fitness experts and sports managers when she came to ABND. However, her social media presence was nil and she wanted to help spread the message of good health and a balanced diet through a book she was writing. She found that there were many misconceptions around the idea of leading a healthy life and thus she wanted to reach out to as many people possible.

    Kinita had her own nutrition consultancy named ‘Meal Pyramid.’ The name ‘Meal Pyramid’ relates Kinita’s concept of the importance of a well-balanced diet pyramid to boost the athlete’s training programme. She’s the new age sports nutritionist who doesn’t believe in having a slim and thin body to be fit; rather a toned and fit body is what you should aim for. Pick up a sport that you like or simply walk everyday. Fitness and flexibility is what she emphasized on as the mantra for a healthy life.

    ABND crafted the positioning of her brand and redesigned the visual identity of Meal Pyramid, incorporating the pyramid of balanced diet, in the logo. Within the pyramid, the letter M was also incorporated.

    Powering Up Personal Branding: Building the Visual Identity

    The Book- The Athlete in You

    Before she got down to writing her own book ‘The Athlete in You’, Kinita Kadakia lent her insight and expertise for various books like “Shut up & Train,” a book by famous Celebrity Trainer, Deanne Pandey and "Shape and Sculpt,” a bestseller by the famous Pilates Expert, Yasmin Karachiwala.

    ABND crafted the name of the book, ‘The Athlete in You’ and also helped Penguin Random House in the execution of the photoshoot for the front cover. The positioning of the brand ‘Meal Pyramid’ was extended and reflected in her book design and photoshoot.

    The book went on to be recommended by stalwarts in the sports and the entertainment business as a book that not only helped a person to eat healthy but also think healthy and lead an athletic lifestyle.


    The Book Launch- Making the Event Memorable

    Kinita Kadakia’s book launch was held with great fanfare, graced by guests ranging from the legendary Sunil Gavaskar to the contemporary movie stars and cricketers.

    ABND was there throughout, designing the experience of the event.

    Positioning, Brand Identity