Lavie - ABND
Sabka Dentist
February 9, 2018
February 9, 2018


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    Stylizing Communication for Lavie


    Lavie, the premium brand for bags and shoes, wanted us to assess their product line and create a design and communication style based on seasonal categories we decided along with the Lavie team. For Lavie’s seasonal collection of ‘Spring Summer’ and ‘Autumn Winter’, they wanted to represent an extensive range of bags and shoes not only in a visually appealing way but also a conceptually coherent way. Categories like ‘Graceful’, ‘Grunge’, ‘Monumental’ and ‘Enchanted Woods’ divided their entire range so well that it enabled people to identify a certain handbag with a particular graphical style that we developed for them. Such styles were used in the external communication, in their posters and in their corporate spaces.


    Just as the brand’s products were crafted with immense care, every little detail affecting the look and feel of each of these seasonal categories was considered. While elements of the reindeer and the tree was used for ‘Enchanted Woods’ to evoke the sense of mystery, indo-western elements were used to evoke the style in ‘Confluence.’ For ‘Grunge’, the style developed was punk while floral graphics were used for ‘Graceful’.


    This design and communication style was also something they carried forward in the lookbooks. These lookbooks would be sitting at the tables of the biggest fashion and media houses and thus needed to represent the brand in its best shoes. Our design style made waves across the media and beyond.