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May 15, 2019
April 17, 2019


    Positioning, Communication, Website


    Levers for Change (LFC) is a Management Consulting firm established in the year 2009. They work with businesses to execute performance transformation and turnarounds.


    LFC approached ABND with the issue that in spite of being in the market for over 10 years and working with few big names in the market, new leads struggled with realizing their capabilities. Additionally, they could not clearly communicate their offerings, and what sets them apart from other competitors in the market. Their reason to believe was undefined. They also needed a website that was attractive and interesting, one that solved all their communication issues while being interactive at the same time.

    Creating a market within an existing market

    To study the offerings of LFC, it was first essential to understand the market of management consultancy and the services that other companies offer. It was identified that Management Consultancy as a service was segregated into four major offerings; strategy, structure, management and operations. Within these, there are a plethora of services that can be summed up into the 7 offerings depicted above. LFC as an organization was found to cater to only two major offerings i.e. Business Turnaround and Performance Transformation.

    The second part of analysis focused on the size of the enterprises that LFC wanted to target. Based on the number of employees and the average annual profits, the target audience for Levers for Change was narrowed down to Medium to Large Enterprises.

    Based on the above identifications, LFC was positioned as a Business Transformation Consultancy, as opposed to a Management Consultancy. This helped streamline the basic value proposition for the company.

    Further, we tried to align the positioning of LFC with its name, to make the company self-explanatory in its objective.

    A lever is known for acting as a support system and change is the path between the old way and the new day. By breaking down the name between a lever and change, the following statement was crafted:

    Levers for Change is a Business Transformation Consultancy, functioning as a support system and a medium to bringing about developmental, transitional and transformational change in any organisation.

    Slide Levers for Change is a Business Transformation Consultancy for organisations looking to increase their profits and grow. We offer and implement strategic solutions by assuring results before fees.

    To differentiate Levers for Change, it was critical to determine the strengths and threats, and turn them into opportunities.
    On studying previous case studies, the following were observed:

    • LFC did not work based on any formula. It created unique and customised offerings for every client, thereby providing a well-tailored and distinctive solution.
    • They were driven by their in-house knowledge and expertise, and hence did not just provide solutions, but saw a project till its implementations.
    • They assured maximum ROI and charged a client only after displaying results.
    • They hand held every client at each stage of implementation, to build a sense of human touch and act as a support system throughout the change.

    We went ahead and cleaned up their existing identity, while adding the newly defined positioning to the logo unit. This was done to ensure consistency of the brand on all platforms.

    A Brand Mantra was crafted to communicate every step of the implementation process for the proposed change in an organization.

    The entire brand positioning and communication strategy was then extended to its website. A sitemap was created to determine the flow of the website and promise an ultimate user experience.


    A visual style was established along with graphics and design elements to tie the entire website as one big picture. Every page on the website had its own story based on the tone of voice for LFC. The existing processes of LFC were revamped to suit the new brand.


    The design was further extended to its social media and other applications like stationery and print. A social media strategy was developed along with the creatives, consisting of a two-month content calendar with topics, days and times best suited for online interaction along Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    A detailed brochure was also designed along with all its content, that could be easily distributed to new leads as well as new and existing clients.

    Positioning, Communication, Website