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May 30, 2019


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    GMM Pfaudler is a leading supplier of process equipment to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. GMM Pfaudler is the market leader and has more than five decades’ experience in manufacturing Glass lined Equipment. Over the years GMM Pfaudler has diversified its product portfolio to include Mixing Systems, Filtration & Drying Equipment, Engineered Systems and Heavy Engineering Equipment and is today a one stop shop for the chemical process industry.


    GMM-Pfaudler approached ABND with their newest acquisition, the Industrial Mixing Solutions Division of Sudarshan Chemical Industries. Their main aim was to extend their Mixing Systems solutions in the market and needed to create a brand that would stand for the same credibility and legacy that was associated with GMM-Pfaudler and their Glass lined offerings. They also needed a clear communication strategy for this B2B industry space that would communicate this additional offering and explain the brand architecture.

    Branding India’s premier industrial mixing solutions provider for innovators and leaders

    The target group was classified by studying the ‘visionary leader’, ‘risk taking engineer’ and the ‘compliant manager’. On analysing their individual decision-making approaches and the influencing factors, this target audience was identified as the “industry leaders and innovators”, who mostly fall under the category of an engineer looking for better performance and profitable solutions. This individual has the capacity to carry forward this vision across the board and is the key decision maker.

    The competition landscape consisted of various companies focusing on efficiency, technology and a wide range of products. To set apart from competition and appeal to our target audience, the new brand had to go beyond “Mixing Systems” and take on a solution oriented approach. As a solution provider, the brand had to focus on mutual growth in the market, and not just on providing a product/service.

    The brand was positioned keeping in mind the legacy and the future of the company and by re-establishing the “no compromise” value proposition.


    _______ , a GMM Pfaudler company is a mixing technology provider with a solution oriented approach to increase productivity and profitability for market leaders and innovators



    During the brand naming process, the key attributes that the brand stood for were established. This included growth, performance, innovation, mixing systems, an approachable vibe and the promise of profitability. The name MIXION was given, to clearly identify the industry and portray an established entity.

    PANTONE 340C
    Growth Green stands for Endurance, Prosperity, Sustainability. PERSISTENT BLUE
    PANTONE 282C
    Balance Persistent Blue stands for Trust, Perseverance, Respect, Confidence and Wisdom.

    The spiral is derived from a Nautilus shell, a shell that is known to remain unchanged through all walks of life. This represents the quality that is associated with GMM Pfaudler and Mixion. Additionally, the centre of a spiral is symbolically known as the point where nature begins its consciousness, which then expands outwards into the universe. This symbolizes that through Mixion, GMM Pfaudler extends its legacy and expertise to other solution driven offerings as well.

    Using this as an inspiration, the logo was developed with the golden ratio, which is known to be derived from the Nautilus. The golden ratio depicts consistency, balance, and continual growth. It is a symbol of proportional perfection. Visually the outward spiral depicts growth whereas the inward spiral visually represents the action of mixing. Its overall appeal shows expanse and is a symbol of strength.

    The brand was further extended into its applications, to convert the brand's promise into its visual touchpoints.

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