Popcorn - ABND
Allora City
April 17, 2019
November 20, 2018


    Brand Concept, Brand Identity, Packaging


    Condor Group is famous worldwide as a specialist in manufacturing and marketing of PU (Polyurethane) Slippers and Sandals. Incorporated in the year 1997 in Surat Gujarat, Condor Group was established in collaboration with the Italian Footwear giants “Condor Trade S.R.L”, a famous name in the European market. Condor Footwear is known for the comfort level it provides due to the hygienic and durable polyurethane soles and super quality uppers with a unique blend of colors and designs. Today, Condor Group exports in bulk quantities to several Middle East, African and European countries.


    After establishing several brands like Aerowalk, Inblu, Chips, La Bella etc., Condor Footwear wanted to venture into a market for children in an economical price range. This brought them to ABND with a brand named Popcorn. The brief was to create a brand that caters to the target audience of 7 to 14 years of age.

    Like a rainbow full of colors, creating a fun brand for the radiant child.

    ABND identified the brand perception and communication for both the customer and the consumer. While the end user and the influencers were the children, the customer in this case was the parent making the final purchase decision. Hence, the brand had to be developed to suit two diverse mindsets.

    The colors were picked, keeping in mind the constantly changing preferences of a growing child. Additionally, the choices of a 7 year old child Vs a 14 year old are poles apart and hence the colors had to suit the preferences across the age group.

    The brand identity revolves around the actions of being peppy, fun and dynamic. The logo was crafted keeping in mind the energy of the consumers. Its unique form of a popcorn inside the ‘O’ and its colors enables the brand to be visible on a shelf and stand out.

    The 'O' is significant in representing a letter that looks like a shouting mouth, thus highlighting the popcorn form in the 'O'.

    The visual identity of Popcorn was extended to its visually attractive packaging. The visual style and pattern was developed to reflect the core of the brand, i.e. the Popcorn itself. The modern yet minimalist style helps cater to the diverse target audience and their parents.

    Brand Concept, Brand Identity, Packaging