Sabka Dentist - ABND
Alok Protechnik
February 10, 2018
February 9, 2018


    Brand Concept, Brand Name, Brand Identity

    India’s largest dental chain, mydentist, consulted ABND in 2016-17 to rename themselves. This dental chain had already expanded to over 200 outlets by then and had made a name for themselves in the market, known for total dental care. Every neighbourhood had a mydentist outlet. However, owing to a conflicting name, they wanted to rename their brand. Being in the market for over seven years, the name evoked a sense of trust.

    Renaming India’s largest Dental Chain

    The names the client shortlisted were not in tandem with retaining the brand equity of mydentist. So we as brand consultants who understand the market volatilities brainstormed over names that would retain the brand value. The way ahead of retaining the legacy of the brand through the name would be to keep the ‘My’ or the ‘Dentist’ intact. Such were the routes of creative brand naming that we went ahead with. The criteria decided for brand naming ranged from similarity with existing name to memorability, retaining existing brand value and yet aiming at a progression from the idea of mydentist. A lot of names were considered but the above criteria wasn’t met and they couldn’t be leveraged for online marketing.


    The name ‘Sabka dentist’ was finally created for the brand as it was conflict free, SEO friendly and one which conveyed a significant progression from being personal to being more familiar, from a ‘my’ to a ours or a ‘sabka’, hinting at dental care for the entire family or community. It was also a name that resonated well with the middle class mindset, being a Hindi word. The brand became more engaging after adopting the name. A dot com domain was an added advantage and the name worked well with the brand ethos without getting in the way of legal disputes of any kind.

    Brand Concept, Brand Name, Brand Identity