Shloka - ABND
Birla International School
February 8, 2018
February 7, 2018


    Brand Concept, Brand Identity

    Shloka Birla School wanted to assert their identity of empowering holistic education. The challenge ahead was to create a brand for the Yash Birla Group a pan Indian series of schools aiming to be a centre for academic excellence, where children receive progressive and contemporary education.

    The Birla schools not only emphasize on student freedom but also provide avenues to enable students to educate themselves by empowering holistic education. The Schools are integrated with natural surroundings allowing the students to be harmonious with nature despite the hustle and bustle of city life. Providing a natural environment for true and holistic growth, the organic education that is provided grows with the student no matter where they go.

    Empowering holistic education by branding it

    We defined four broad aspects of holistic education as transformation, metamorphosis, purity in wisdom and optimism in discipline.

    The lotus flower grows in mud and rises above the surface to bloom and grow. Untouched by impurity, the flower sinks underwater by the night and rises above at dawn to bloom again. It is culturally associated with not only beauty but also purity and wisdom. Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, has a lotus on one hand and mounts the swan, another symbol of enlightenment and transformation. Similarly a butterfly’s ability to adapt itself to change lends itself as a strong metaphor for metamorphosis. The sun is a symbol of optimism and discipline. The sun rises day after day regardless of weather conditions and inspite of traversing a set path it would still exude heat and warmth, giving you a ray of hope to start the day ahead.

    We thus attributed the aspects of holistic education to the symbols of Swan, Butterfly, Lotus and Sun.


    Incorporating all the four symbols in the logo and still being minimal and clutter free was difficult.

    Using these four icons as our guiding principles of the brand and its translation into design, brand Shloka emerged true to its roots.

    Brand Concept, Brand Identity