SKP Group - ABND
February 12, 2018
Alok Protechnik
February 10, 2018
    How does branding help in arriving at consistency in communication?


    Rebranding, Communication, Website

    SKP is a professional services group headquartered in India, providing a wide range of services for businesses entering India as well as expanding overseas, in the domains of finance and accounting solutions, business function support, governance and tax risk management. The SKP Group serves over 1,200 clients including multinationals, companies listed on exchanges, privately held and family-owned businesses from over 45 countries.

    The SKP Group approached ABND to do a complete brand cleanup exercise that included restructuring their services, brand architecture, visual identity, communication design and website design. Our research process was extensive and in-depth. Apart from studying SKP’s competition and target audience, we interviewed all key internal stakeholders to understand the business as well as the culture of SKP. The outcome of the research enabled us to establish a brand positioning and aid in the process of restructuring their service offerings. We worked towards re-building SKP Group for a long term period.


    At a design level we modernized the existing logo unit in a manner such that decades of heritage would be retained, without affecting the contemporary flavour. The visual language and design style for the group was established as relevant to the 6 service divisions that we re-categorized for clarity. While each service division speaks for itself visually, together, they all come as a family under the SKP umbrella.


    The website for SKP was designed to highlight their restructured service offerings. The design exudes the endeavour of the new offerings – it’s easily navigable and the information is expended in a functional format. All the business and information design for the brand, the internal communication through brochures and emailers, were reworked by ABND.


    Rebranding, Communication, Website