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Activating the
Human Element

B2B Branding goes beyond trends or social media platforms. It is all about building a connect between the brand and business, going beyond functionalities, and identifying not only the difference but also relevance to the identified audience. B2B Branding translates into stronger relationships, profitable businesses and pointed results.

From an experience of over a decade servicing B2B brands, B2B Brand Practice understands the pressing need to humanize business brands.

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    The Human Element Framework





    Harmony is about establishing a balance and sync at various levels. This includes breaking silos and sustaining consistency to function together. Be it external or internal relationships of the organization Harmony is a principle to having verbal, visual and behavioural balance defined and in place always - the hallmark of good brands.

    Humaneness is a fundamental premise of activating the HE Framework in B2B businesses. The thought of having an organizational mind and heart that displays empathy, and compassion evokes a sense of direction, not only purpose. In our times, this outlook could help the people, the planet, and businesses.

    Happiness comes with results. And results mean different things to different stakeholders. A good business challenge resolution happens when brand thinking ensures the output is as per expectations and to the satisfaction of intended stakeholders.

    Honesty is all about Living True to the values of the business and the brand. It is also a measure of our performance to see how we perform. Primarily, this is when the brand starts living its true self and interacts with stakeholders in its environment of operation.

    Service Areas

     Workshops Colour Typography Sound Composition Logo Mobile app layouts Packaging Brand Strategy
     Presentation templates Tone of voice Purpose Environments Roll-out plans Positioning Narrative Identity

    Business Consulting

    Brand Thinking


      Presentation templates Tone of voice Purpose Environments Roll-out plans Positioning Narrative Identity
     Workshops Colour Typography Sound Composition Logo Mobile app layouts Packaging Brand Strategy

    Solving for a variety
    of business challenges

    • Growing competition, eroding revenues
    • Expansion into new geographies
    • Expansion of Offerings
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Turning over to Professional Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Sales Team Empowerment
    • Differentiation and relevance
    • Customer Experience Enrichment
    • Digital Presence

    ...and many more


    Guiding a global amalgamation


    Synergising success for an aspiring medtech firm

    Medical Devices
    • Specialist practitioners not generalists
    • Practitioners with genuine interest in solving challenges of B2B businesses
    • Practitioners in different functional domains of brand building as well as industry sectors
    • Specific induction training for members in B2B group
    Maulik Chandarana

    Director, B2B Practice

    Apoorv Houzwala

    Sr. Strategist

    Bhavesh Makwana

    Emerging Brand Practioner

    Kanushi Rathore


    Ketul Patel

    Sr. Designer

    Dr. Swati Pande Nalawade

    Off-site Consultant
    Branding & Marketing

    Jalashree Shrikhande

    Off-site Consultant

    Extended Team

    Kunal Vora
    Priyanka Shahra
    Sveta Vora
    Ekta Banodkar
    Meghan Varkey
    Poornima Badwe
    Kamakshi Bharathan
    Nitika Thethi
    Pradnya Ghag
    G. Shreya Rao
    Hitesh Gohil
    Ruchi Gharekhan
    Florie D'souza
    Kashish Dharod

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