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We unlearn before we learn. At ABND Consumer Practice, we recognize the highly competitive world that is changing by the minute and believe that the approach to establishing successful consumer brands extends beyond any formula or past success story. We build brands that are both impactful and profitable by challenging the status quo and bridging the gap between business requirements and innate consumer needs.

What sets
us apart?

Brands have an average of 7 seconds to capture a consumer's attention, but the real challenge lies in making that attention count.

It's not enough to have an aesthetically pleasing design and some snappy copy—a good brand resonates with consumers. The key is knowing what makes consumers tick and what motivates them to make purchases. At ABND’s Consumer Practice, we build successful consumer brands at the intersection of Psychology, Economics, Design, and more, and align it to the Business objectives.

Our team has over 20 years of experience working with companies across categories ranging from FMCG to Retail and Technology. Our work has been recognized by industry awards such as India’s Best Design Awards (IBDA) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Our Services


An end-to-end electrical solutions provider, offering multiple solutions under one roof.


Say hello to Gumazing your child’s best friend.

Gumazing is a nutraceutical gummy brand for kids. The brand was established for a Hong Kong based company, targeting the European markets. The aim was to develop a brand that appealed to the playful innocent nature of the child as well as resonated with credibility and trust for the parent.


Developing a brand that redefines the meaning of real in the ethnic wear industry

Kami Kubi is a brand developed for Disha Enterprises, a B2B textile manufacturer supplying to leading ethnic wear brands in India. With decades of expertise in this industry, they aimed to venture into the B2C space with a unique and affordable brand that stands out in the ethnic wear market in India.

The First Consumers

Ekta Banodkar

Director, ABND Consumer Practice

With a strong influence in applied arts, Ekta has been associated with ABND since its inception stage. She is an all-rounder, balancing between design and strategy and has headed the development of 70+ brands. Ekta is on the jury of multiple design events across India and runs specialised training programs for Emerging Brand Practitioners.

Poornima Badwe

Sr. Brand Designer

A Master in Graphic Design, Poornima’s artwork have been selected and displayed at the State Art Exhibition. She believes that the shortest distance between two points is a line and displays that in her intricate and detailed style. She has also contributed to the wall painting project by the railway department of Pune and is a merit certificate holder for Advance Applied Arts.

Kamakshi Bharathan

Sr. Brand Strategist

A brand strategist, a communications enthusiast, an entrepreneur Kamakshi has donned several hats over 12 years. Having worked extensively with some of the largest brands in the country to help new brands set up and achieve traction, she is always ready for a challenge.

She completed her Business Acumen studies from INSEAD, Singapore and was placed in the top 10% of her class

G. Shreya Rao

Brand Strategist

Shreya holds an MBA in Communication Management. She has been a part of the advertising & marketing industry and has worked extensively in the travel & tourism sector and spearheaded the launch of a new business unit as well as oversaw its operations.

She has worked with various brands in the B2B and B2C space with chemical, pharmaceutical, steel manufacturing, project management & consultancy firms, IT, hospitality, fashion and more.

Hitesh Gohil

Sr. Digital Developer

Hitesh is an experienced Digital Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web Services, and Web Development, Hitesh completed his IT education in Web Page, Digital / Multimedia and Information Design.

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