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Repositioning a leading Management Consultancy firm From a Management Consultancy to being positioned as a Business Transformation Consultancy, Levers for Change was broken down step by step to define what they stand for. We not only streamlined their business verticals and their services, but also defined what LFC stood for, or the crust behind the company. The end result was derived from an analysis of their core expertise, their main role in any transformation, their formulae for success and their promises, which in turn was a Reason to Believe for any client. Website UX-UI and Development

Slide Grab Branding & strategy for India's largest last-mile logistics start-up Grab approached ABND when they were Grab-a-Grub, with their business focused in the food industry. They soon realised that there was more scope in the last mile logistics space and wanted to expand their business proposition. ABND helped them in their transition from Grab-a-Grub to Grab and from B2C to B2B. Their entire positioning, communication strategy and identity is something that was crafted after in depth research, which holds relevant and true even today. App UX-UI

Slide Queensline Branding a fleet of luxury flotels Being a flotel sailing the Mumbai seas, Queensline needed to be created and positioned in a way that suited the diverse likes of Mumbaikars. This led to establishing an experiential brand for people who prioritise ambience over food and believe in “Passion In Detail.” Website UX-UI and Development

Slide Ridlr Positioning, communication strategy and revamping the brands visual identity for a day to day transport partner Ridlr was predominantly known as a ticketing platform due to their B2C exposure. However, the brand was unable to communicate their B2B offering to new clients in the industry. ABND helped Ridlr in articulating the Brand Positioning as an integrated transit solutions partner, highlighting their digital dominance and ability to provide solutions to transit agencies. Website UX-UI and Development

Slide Mixion Creating a relatable B2B brand for a new company acquisition GMM Pfaudler, an international leader in solution driven equipment acquired the Mixing division of Sudarshan Chemicals in India. The new acquisition needed to be branded to give an appeal of a separate arm under GMM Pfaudler, but at the same time had to seem relatable and well known. Mixion was branded as a division under GMM Pfaudler, to ensure a smooth transition for the industry and the employees of Sudarshan Chemicals. Website UX-UI and Development

Slide Credible Positioning and Communication for a Silicon Valley start-up focused on end to end supply chain transparency While end to end supply chain transparency is a feature that most fashion brands can introduce as they see fit at any given point of time, Credible had to be positioned as a step ahead. ABND helped them in positioning the brand as a medium to give back to the product ecosystem, while building a strong brand symbol that stands for the Credibility that the brand promises. One Pager Website UX-UI and Development