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Black Box Thinking

People for People

The question of whether companies should be customer-first or employee-first needs an answer more than ever now.

The ABND People Practice thus, comes into play offering businesses solutions in spaces of employer branding, creating employee value propositions and deploying culture building among other activities.

Let’s talk

    The Black Box thinking approach

    the status quo
    and resolving challenges

    Organisations are grappling to resolve many more challenges.

    Striking a balance

    Businesses have traditionally deployed brands with customer focus. While the employees are now more demanding (unreasonable, perhaps?!), it is more important to note that business brands need to be in line with their aspirations and value systems. And no, this isn’t a ‘who blinks first?’ game.

    Organisations and people thrive together.

    Culture building

    Many requests for employee engagement programs, defining employee value propositions and culture building have been a consequence of the pandemic’s greatest challenge to companies world over – The Great Resignation.

    For us, the Great Resignation is an opportunity for the Great Revamp of businesses creating brands for their people encompassing stakeholders including top management, HR personnel and definitely, the corporate branding and marketing teams.

    So if you want to

    • Avoid the contradiction trap
    • Build a non-intimidating culture
    • Attract and retain talent that grows your business as they grow individually

    Or if there’s anything else on your mind

    Employer Brand | Communication & Engagement | Employee Value Proposition | Culture Building | Talent Listening


    Maulik Chandarana


    Apoorv Houzwala

    Sr. Strategist

    Shreya Rao


    Ketul Patel

    Sr. Designer

    Extended Team

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    Priyanka Shahra
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    Poornima Badwe
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    Florie D'souza
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