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Revealing the Hidden Heroes

May 28, 2018

Precision is a pioneer in the field of Electrical Pipes and Fittings as well as Plumbing, being India’s first to introduce the technology of laser engraved pipes. Since its inception in 1978, Precision has set an example of continuous innovation in changing consumer perceptions by adapting to ever growing market needs.

To penetrate the minds of its target consumer, the plumber and the electrician, ABND interweaved the story of these unsung heroes in short films portraying the essence “Jab Yeh Peeche Toh Aap Aage. Precision Pipes ka har Electrician aur Plumber ko Salaam.”

B2B communication strategy is all about bringing to the foreground the target audience as the hero. In this video the story of the electrician and the plumber, the unsung heroes of the nation, is brought out in the open by Precision Pipes and Fittings. ABND collaborated with the best creative minds to produce video content that can build an emotional connection with the target mindsets.

“How important is Precision?” If the pipes break, the wires inside will be exposed to moisture and there will be a short circuit. That’s how important pipes are. A house is not a home unless it is lighted and there is access to water. It is just an empty shell. Precision brings electricity and water to every home. And who is behind this? The electrician and the plumber are actually touching each moment of our life without us realizing it.

Today you have woken up from a sound sleep. You wash the utensils, make your morning tea, water the garden and sit with your laptop at the desk for completing the week's work. Every day we are living, can you do without electricity and water?

And what is behind every drop of water? What is behind every wall? What is behind our lives?

It is these unsung heroes. The electricians and plumbers using Precision Pipes and Fittings.

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