The Journey from Vada Pav to Indian Burger - ABND

The Journey from Vada Pav
to Indian Burger

#PradnyaCreatesMay 28, 2019

Mumbai’s favorite street food, Vada Pav has experienced an exciting and enterprising journey. It was first seen on a railway platform and has since gone through several renditions. Converting a humble dish into a world class brand was a herculean task.Hygiene became a differentiator and an important tool in justifying the raised price point.

It was developed to meet diverse palettes with the introduction of cheese, schezwan sauce and even the option of serving it grilled. The customers were slow to adapt to the change but have loved what the Vadapav has become and don’t stop flocking to these branded stores.

The Indian Burger a.k.a Vada Pav has arrived with all its grandeur and is here to stay.

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