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We are a Branding company focused on the growth of businesses.

Growth is all about
taking right decisions
and so is Branding.
When done right,
Branding fuels Growth.


Imagine stepping into a supermarket and seeing products labelled as “Ionic Detergent” or “Non-Ionic Detergent”, “Brown Chocolate” or “White Chocolate”. Can you imagine the horror over not knowing which is the best detergent for you? Or which chocolate you can enjoy through all thick and thin? For us, even the slightest thought of not being able to classify our favourite chocolates left us appalled. We realized that it wasn’t just a name, but an emotion associated with every product in our daily lives.

This emotion led to the foundation of ABND.

Formerly A Brand New Day, ABND was established by Kunal Vora and Priyanka Shahra in 2010, with the vision of developing strong brands each day and building stronger emotions in the market. As a Branding firm, we love creating brands to represent what a company is, what it believes in and how it is perceived by its audience. We help companies find their essence and provide solutions that helps in developing a place for themselves.

Branding is our favourite chocolate, and we can classify it just right!

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