Want a name that works?

Ages ago, Shakespeare had said, “What’s in a name?” Yet, everything is in a name. It is a name you make an association with, it is a name that engages in a relationship with, and it is a name only which evokes emotions - good or bad. And in this world of over 6 billion people today, where brands are vying to mean something to someone, imagine the power of a great name. Here's a list of brand names developed by us - each with its own reason, and each with its own story of success and endurance.

We specialise in brand naming, product brand naming, category brand naming, service brand naming, cause naming, tagline and initiative naming.


Growgether is the amalgamation of “Grow” and “Together” for a baby care brand. It embodies the collective growth of parents, babies, and the brand itself, transcending the conventional view of parenting centred solely on the mother and child. It symbolises an ecosystem evolving together towards better parenting.


The brand aims to offer a perspective on tweens that diverges from the mainstream approach. The idea is to focus on who they are rather than what they look like. The name "Cuspiers" encapsulates the idea of tweens standing on the cusp of transformation, as they form their identities as emerging teens. The name was coined to be flexible, embodying a broader concept: the journey of "Embracing Change."


Emversity emerges as a beacon of “an education that earns," prioritising equitable opportunities for students. The name "Emversity" draws from three foundational pillars: Employment, Empathy, and Empowerment, reflecting its commitment to these principles. This name also aids to demonstrate its reputation as an esteemed institution.


Unera, born from the fusion of "Unearth" and “Radiance”, epitomises the timeless beauty uncovered beneath the layers of time. As a silvery and precious gem jewelry brand, it signifies the harmonious blend of past elegance and style, inviting wearers to adorn themselves with pieces that transcend eras.


Observeye, a leading market research company, was named by blending "observe" and "eye”, symbolising the commitment to meticulous observation and insightful analysis. This name emphasises their core focus on assessing consumer needs and attitudes, leveraging expertise to deeply understand complex phenomena.


Nithia Capital's acquisition of Uttam Steel lead to the creation of Uttam 2.0. Recognising the imperative for a brand aligned with their objectives, Evonith was conceived. This name, blending "evo" for evolution and "Nith" from Nithia, seamlessly intertwines the concepts of evolution and eternity, encapsulating the ongoing transformation of Nithia within the Indian industrial landscape.


The Hindi word 'Saundh' means fragrance. We linked the fragrance to the smell of the first rains or the wet soil. A fragrance that is so universal in its appeal that it depicts the brand to be rooted or grounded yet transcending boundaries. The brand revolves around the transition of the company going from fabric to fashion and bringing fusion wear which was identified as 'everywear'.


The name ‘Helmier’ was crafted to depict an organisation that was ‘at the helm’ in the medical disposables and equipment sector. This stemmed from the foundation of the brand that encapsulated the founders’ vision, the market need and an inspiring call to action – No Tomorrow for Care. The name also attempted to reflect the founders' expertise, i.e. established senior experts capable of steering the organisation in the right direction.


The restaurant space was a blend of greenery with hydroponic farming and a meeting place where people could hang out, relax and chill. Keeping this in mind, the brand name concept was derived from two distinct categories. The Kiwi fruit is tropical and resonates with greenery, forests. Rio is known for its social and party vibe. Kiro was a combination of the characteristics of these two.

Kami Kubi

The brand name ‘Kami Kubi’ was conceived from a popular hindi adage ‘Khamiya Khubiyan’ which translates as talents and flaws. Kami Kubi embraces it all, the Good and Bad, Positive and Negative and applauds the ‘real’ woman. The idea of the brand was to celebrate the woman, her strengths and flaws included, which reflected in the brand’s tagline of Perfectly Imperfect as well.


By acting as a platform to see yourself in a new light, this brand aspired to resonate with the winner within each individual and bring out that confidence. The name ‘Linus’ is a mirrored reflection of the founders identity. Thus, the concept The Art of Reflection.


The name ‘Qisa’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘kissa’, meaning an anecdote. The brand was built on the insight that women sought utility along with style in their bags. Bags are an integral part of a women’s life, one that house her belongings, shares her journey, and is a keeper of her secrets. This culminated in the brand concept of ‘every bag tells a story about its owner’, ultimately leading to the name, Qisa.


SAVA Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company in India was looking to launch a new pet food brand in the market. The name of the brand had to depict a premium German quality product, while having a tendency of going global. Based on the positioning of “Home, Family and Science” by ABND, the name Kinsmith was established as an amalgamation of “Kin” representing family and love, and “Smith” representing an expert in the domain. Combined, Kinsmith stands for the expert who knows what’s best for your family member (the pet).


Gumazing was the name coined for nutraceutical gummies, specifically for kids. The brand was established for a Hong Kong based company, targeting the European markets. The name had to resonate with both the parent and the kid, while being easy to understand and pronounce. Gumazing was the result of Gummies + Amazing, spelling out the amazing quality of the product, and the feeling that a child experiences due to good health and wellbeing.


Developed for a Kolkata based startup, Mesmry is the name coined for an e-commerce portal catering to women accessories. Mesmry was derived from the word ‘Mesmerising’, owing to the target audience – the graceful confident woman. Since she is truly alluring and breathtaking, this woman has the power and confidence to grab everyone’s attention, thereby acting as the perfect ambassador for the brand.


GMM PFaudler, a giant in the global industrial mixing business wanted to set up a new company that specializes only in mixing equipment. The name had to resonate with the stakeholders as a global and technically sound company and thus, we explored obvious words that are representative of the industry. We arrived at the name, Mixion, that is derived by personifying the word mix.


Godwit is the name we developed for a chain of quirky cafes. The word Godwit comes from a bird, which has no relevance to the cafe. However, it is derived from what the bird signifies. A bird high in strength that can cover far and wide distances, the Godwit explores and pushes its limits. This feature correlated with the target audience's mindset and outlook to life along with sounding quirky, catchy and left the audience curious about it.


Mudramart is a name we crafted for a new market place for Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns in India. The positioning required the brand name to reflect as being an opportunity provider and value conscious. 'Mudramart' thus captures this aspect beautifully through "Mudra" meaning currency or coin / a mark / emblem and "Mart" which makes it easy for the target audience to understand the brand offering.


Brand for an eco-friendly, disposable tableware made of bagasse required a brand name that would be associated to being green, friendly and natural. The brand naming direction guided the name to be linked to not just a 'ware / plate / bagasse but to the experience of dining. The products are sturdy and oil resistant, the name had to thus reflect the aspect of 'dine' keeping in mind the 'earth' we care for.

Art Village

Through a simple name, India’s first earth built art center brought in the essence of a community of artists living together in nature’s retreat. Various permutations and combinations of the brand offering of the art property lead to the two words closest to its goal of communicating what it is.

Allora City

A brand name was to be crafted for a residential society that offers a complex with facilities like healthcare, institutions, gymnasium, pool and park. The target audience identified was someone who is aspiring to provide a better life and lifestyle to their family with focus on their happiness and fulfilling of dreams. The name 'Allora' means a dream or reaching for the stars. 'City' in the name gives the association of something large, a scale that is always growing.


The name culminated from the idea of how a 'tablespoon' is an important measure in cooking and baking and when the 'spoon' is combined with 'fable', it communicates a brand name that swirls magical tales in its DIY treats.


When expanding services from food delivery to hyper-local logistics, the term grub was dropped from the existing name of a Grab-A-Grub, making the name short, catchy without diluting the meaning of the previous name.


A name that captures the essence of strength in a fleet and the queen who is the lady leading the company, evoking the sentiment of passion and royalty.

Sagar World

A mother brand was created for the rich legacy of Sagar Arts, the booming media production house. The word ‘Sagar’ with the word ‘World’ entailed to capture the essence of a big umbrella group company.


The name proposition began with showcasing the big idea that the brand uses - The mother is both caring and enterprising and it’s her homemade goodies we are reaching to everyone out there. She is a mother but is also the professional.

Sabka Dentist

India’s largest dental chain, My Dentist, wanted to change its name and yet convey the sense of familiarity in being everyone’s dentist.


The target group identified for the brand lead to develop a name that communicated to the Indian who loves delicate Italian crockery or aspires to own one. So the premium tableware brand name had to sound Italian and aspirational.


Combining the words Lever and Voltage, we created a name for a switch brand that had an international appeal. The name essentially means a switch which allows electricity to flow.


A religious organization wanted to reach out to the masses with the ideology of rendering to the larger social good. A word was coined which incorporated the sense of the highest divine service; ‘param’ meaning the highest supreme power and ‘seva’ meaning service.


Identifying the two key values of the brand offering - Protection and Technology went hand in hand in developing the name for a protective military wear.


A customized uniform brand for sport teams and corporate wear, naming involved coining a new word combining ‘Conquer’ and ‘vest’ to relate the never-say-die spirit in both work and play.


The name had to connect to the ideas of a wolf which is regarded as an alpha; communicates masculine and is personalized that makes the brand name appear as if the name of a man.


Name developed for children’s fire-retardant clothing line for safety when bursting crackers during Diwali, for Alok Textiles. The quality of the clothing-line reflects in the name which was also inspired by Fort knox.

Orabella & Ortenzia

Two different properties in Mumbai, that offer lush green and the open sea view respectively, were strategized to be named as two sisters, Ortensia, meaning garden and Orabella referring to beautiful gold. The naming helped in the strategy of cross-selling as well and better recall & association value.


Embarking on a new financial journey to achieve greater heights, a financial startup took up this name with a distinction in spelling it with a ‘q.’ Thus making the equity of the brand name stronger and unique.

The Furniture Factory

Making your own furniture by assembling the parts? You would surely see that in a factory. This name captures the essence of being like the assembly line of the furniture segment.

The Athlete in You

A biography of a celebrity sports nutritionist carried the message of bringing out the athlete in all of us by staying healthy and fit. We dropped the publisher’s name that was body image-centric and took on the soul-centric approach.

Bharat Ecovistas, Skyvistas, Parkvistas

Multiple real estate properties of Bharat were connected by maintaining names having a prefix of the standalone prominent characteristic of the property combined with a standard suffix of vistas.

Hair Hue Therapy

The criteria identified for the name was to have it as the category name for an herbal hair dye. The challenge was to not project it as a hair dye.