Culture of
Brand Practitioners

Who is a Brand Practitioner?

At ABND, a brand practitioner is someone who works with an interdisciplinary approach. They have a deep understanding of the brand and category they are working with, as well as other domains that add value to the project. As brand practitioners, we believe in working in a highly collaborative environment, internally and externally with our client partners.

Our objective is to always build purposeful and profitable brands.

The Culture of Brand Practitioners

The ‘Culture of Brand Practitioners’ is how we describe our collective at ABND. It is twofold:

One, it represents our group of professionals from diverse backgrounds in the fields of marketing, advertising, design, product development, public relations, digital development, and branding, among other spaces, coming together to build successful brands.

And secondly, it represents breaking silos internally between strategy and design. We think of the brand as a whole and not individual elements. Our team is dedicated to not only staying ahead of the curve, but also above the curve. We don’t stop at creating a unique and recognisable brand. We also future gaze and monitor brand performance, making necessary adjustments to ensure the brand’s success.

The A.B.C.D of ABND


Advancing, Teaching, and Learning

At ABND, our dedication to cultivating a culture deeply rooted in learning and teaching remains unwavering.

We consistently facilitate impromptu knowledge exchange sessions among peers, organise brandathons to maintain the sharpness and currency of our skills, analyse industry trends, and bring in experts for comprehensive training sessions. Encouraging our team to engage in external workshops, networking events, and marathons fosters holistic growth, extending beyond job-specific skills.

Our 'Emerging Brand Practitioners Program' stands as a testament to this commitment. In this internship initiative, we mentor bright talents from top management and design schools, focusing on developing their strategic and visual arts skills to prepare them for real-world challenges.



Our people-first approach is evident in the comprehensive benefits we provide. We prioritise the well-being of our team with offerings such as Healthcare Insurance, Financial & Retirement support (Pension Plan, Performance Bonus), Family & Parenting benefits (Maternity & Paternity Leave, Extended Leave, Work From Home Days), and Vacation & Time Off allowances (including Bereavement Leave, Sick Leave). Our commitment to professional growth is reflected in the support offered through our Apprenticeship Program, Job Training, and Tuition assistance.


Coming Together for our Community

At the core of our work is the belief that excelling as brand practitioners requires a genuine understanding of the world. We come together to learn, enjoy, and organise events that align with our individual passions.

In a recent initiative, we collaborated with the Nargis Dutt Foundation for a book drive dedicated to supporting girls. Led by team members passionate about education and reading, we sent a diverse range of books to children, contributing not just to a worthy cause but also enhancing our networking and organisational


Daily Moments

Our love for celebration is an integral part of our culture.

While we enthusiastically celebrate birthdays and festivals, our joy extends to any reason to come together as a community and have fun. Every day is an opportunity to make our team members' experiences fun and wholesome. Whether through games or shared meals, we find ways to connect, fostering a sense of community, be it during daylong festivities or just an excuse to step out of the office for a few hours.

Our culture believes in celebrating every learning, every occasion, and every day


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