Elevating Organisational Talent and Culture in a Post-Pandemic Era

The pandemic has reshaped our work landscape significantly. Adapting to the evolving talent recruitment and retention dynamics, along with a renewed focus on cultivating organisational culture, has become imperative. People Practice offers tangible solutions for businesses, encompassing employer branding, crafting compelling employee value propositions, and fostering robust culture-building initiatives.

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The Black Box thinking approach

Learning from

the status quo
and resolving challenges

and resolving challenges

Striking a balance

Businesses have traditionally deployed brands with customer focus. While the employees are now more demanding (unreasonable, perhaps?!), it is more important to note that business brands need to be in line with their aspirations and value systems. And no, this isn’t a ‘who blinks first?’ game.

Organisations and people thrive together.

Culture building

Many requests for employee engagement programs, defining employee value propositions and culture building have been a consequence of the pandemic’s greatest challenge to companies world over – The Great Resignation.

For us, the Great Resignation is an opportunity for the Great Revamp of businesses creating brands for their people encompassing stakeholders including top management, HR personnel and definitely, the corporate branding and marketing teams.

So if you want to

  • Avoid the contradiction trap
  • Build a non-intimidating culture
  • Attract and retain talent that grows your business as they grow individually

Or if there’s anything else on your mind


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Brand Audit

Research, Analysis and Insights

Brand Purpose and Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Product and Service Architecture

Launch Strategy

Acquisition and Growth Strategy


Brand Naming

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity

Brand Communication


Spatial Branding


Retail Design

Brand Toolkits and Guidelines

Sonic and Motion Identity


Organisational Culture Branding

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employer Branding


ABND provides ongoing strategic consulting and advisory services to support our partners during their transition phase or to bring the brand and strategy to life. ABND develops and executes a comprehensive plan to achieve defined goals such as:

Marketing and Communications Planning

Organisational Change Management

Strategy Implementation and Support

Training Internal Teams

and More

Workshops & Models

40+ Workshops conducted since 2020

A big part of brand building is framing the right questions. It helps understand brand challenges and address them in the most defined way possible. ABND conducts proprietary Brand Workshops (based on the project brief) that are customised and immersive, promoting a collaborative approach with our clients. In some cases, we have built brands entirely over a series of 4 to 5 workshops. In others, a certain facet of the brand is developed through a workshop. Some of our proprietary workshops are:

Problem Identification

Brand Modelling

Living the Brand

Brand Auditing

Brand Naming

There are also proprietary modules that may form the basis of the Brand Workshop or a Brand Strategy. Some of our modules include: 

Thought Leadership as a Service

Faculty Outreach and Engagement

Merchandising Module 

Lean Brand Building

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