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Strengthening the India-Australia Knowledge Partnership: A Catalyst for Higher Education Transformation

In a recent bilateral meeting between India’s Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, and Australia’s
Education Minister, Jason Clare, a new chapter in the India-Australia knowledge partnership was unveiled.

The Role of Soft Power in India’s Higher Education Diplomacy Amidst Geopolitical Shifts

In an age characterised by volatile shifts in global geopolitics, India is strategically leveraging Education to reinforce its international influence and firmly establish its presence on the global platform.

How Brand Consultants Navigate Geopolitical Waves in India’s Higher Education

Geopolitical factors, such as diplomatic relations, international conflicts, and economic alliances, have an unmitigated impact on how Indian institutions are recognised on the global stage.

African Union’s G20 Entry and India’s Higher Education Makeover

The inclusion of the African Union in the G20 underscores its pivotal role in global progress.

A Blueprint for Branding Excellence-More about the G20 5C Framework

Education is not only the foundation upon which our civilization has been built, but also the architect of humanity’s future.

#Branding – Trump’s “Mugshot Merch” Revolutionizes Branding.

For most people, a police mugshot would be a badge of dishonour they would do anything to erase. Not for Donald Trump. He has turned this into a branding opportunity and a political weapon.

Will the Maharaja wear a tiara?

Over the years, Air India has played the rebranding game, always keeping a foot in the past. In 2007 when they merged with Indian Airlines, they bid farewell to the Centaur and embraced the flying swan with the Konark wheel.

Namin’ it Right

What’s in a name asked Shakespeare centuries ago? At ABND our response to that is Everything!

Happy International Coffee Day

In the last year, there has been an uptick in enquiries for us to develop an Employee Value Proposition. In principle, we should see it as a great initiative by companies.

Humanizing B2B Brands with the Power of Sound

In the last year, there has been an uptick in enquiries for us to develop an Employee Value Proposition. In principle, we should see it as a great initiative by companies.

Building purposeful and profitable brands

In the last year, there has been an uptick in enquiries for us to develop an Employee Value Proposition. In principle, we should see it as a great initiative by companies.

Laddoo, Chakli and Sales

In the last year, there has been an uptick in enquiries for us to develop an Employee Value Proposition. In principle, we should see it as a great initiative by companies.

The rush for an EVP: An opportunity

In the last year, there has been an uptick in enquiries for us to develop an Employee Value Proposition. In principle, we should see it as a great initiative by companies.

From the old school

I come from a family background with a Mother who worked in Research & Development and a Father in Finance.

Building Inclusive Brands

As we grow and evolve as a race, as we become more accepting and embrace our differences, brands too are acknowledging this change. From a time […]

Shift in Branding of Legacy B2B Players

Branding can consciously and unconsciously create a range of perceptions about a brand through multiple points-of-contact and communication (or even lack of it). Some are tangible, […]

An Olympic Pitch

What? Sharpening my skills as a brand practitioner over the last decade in India and abroad, has given me many stories and experiences. Among them are […]

Brand Management and IPRregime during Covid-19

Brand Management during Covid-19 The Pandemic has shaken up all the industries. It has led Companies to re-think on their Business Models and re-work on their […]

Is Music Logo for the Ears? #UtsaviSpeaks

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” This statement made by Jeff Bezos holds profound truth. Strong brands […]

The Tap Bait #NikitaSpeaks

Let us address a phenomenon that has been around for a while and becoming more prominent in our lives. We may not realise that we are […]

The article that is sure to send you “packing”! #NitikaSpeaks

Research says that at any given moment in a supermarket aisle, it takes a consumer an average of 8 seconds to decide which product he or […]

I am your father #MaghanSpeaks

Every morning my mom wakes up bright and early. She walks into the kitchen, ready to take on the day by a storm. But you know […]

Humans Not Customers #KerenSpeaks

Marketing has come a long way from simply selling goods to creating experiences. I’ve never been a fan of marketing because I hadn’t really understood its […]

The Journey from Vada Pav to Indian Burger

Mumbai’s favorite street food, Vada Pav has experienced an exciting and enterprising journey. It was first seen on a railway platform and has since gone through […]

Mom . Ma . Madre #MaghanSpeaks

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one fine day, I came across a particular meme. It stated, “Nothing in life is really lost, until your mother […]

The Poll Pitch #KerenSpeaks

The most awaited time of the year is here. The biggest democracy in the world is amidst its General Elections. The political war has changed turfs […]

Winter is Here #EktaSpeaks

People of the East and West, North and South have been eagerly preparing for this winter to come. Long awaited end of HBO’s most watched TV […]

Shift in shopping choices – Online to retail #NikitaSpeaks

The online world emerged as a tall wave engulfing a large size of enthusiasts who were keen on taking on the World Wide Web whether it’s […]

Alignment Issues #EktaSpeaks

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to fall in place but there’s still something bothering you? That is my exact state when […]

Binging Over-The-Top #KerenSpeaks

I was meeting a friend for dinner last evening but she was stuck in traffic for almost an hour. I tried to watch something on Netflix […]

Women In Branding #KunalSpeaks

When an article is about women who are an inspiration, it’s almost mandatory for it to start with the mother, the wife and maybe even the […]

Live in Levi’s #MaghanSpeaks

We all have our favourite pair of jeans; our go to staple wardrobe piece, that gives us comfort and a style boost in any occasion. Now […]

Awesome Pawsome #EktaSpeaks

All decisions in life are taken with certain expectations. Whether it is our career or our personal life, we make choices based on what we expect […]

Brands and Bands #KerenSpeaks

Not too long ago, choosing to be a musician meant giving up money and signing up for a hard journey of struggle. The pressure to be […]

The Nutella to our Spoons #NikitaSpeaks

Sometimes, a brand can have a strong presence in its consumer’s world that the consumer forgets to look it as a brand and more as an […]

And to all, a Good Night! #MaghanSpeaks

Christmas is not just a festival, it is a brand. It is an event that is not just awaited by major brands, but also envied by […]

What does it take to make your brand a gift? #KerenSpeaks

Holiday season calls for celebrations and an important part of that is the act of gifting. What is it that makes gifts so special? Is it […]

Gender Inclusivity in Brands #NikitaSpeaks

Society is changing. With people exploring their gender identity more than ever before, it’s important that branding keeps pace with this. Make-up is no longer just […]

Wedding Vows to Woes! #NikitaSpeaks

A look on how marketing and trends is clouding the customer’s judgements when it comes to weddings. India has always been associated with big fat weddings […]

Sugar, Spice and Nothing Nice #KunalSpeaks

A few weeks back my wife made a relatively healthy chocolate spread at home for our son. He rejected it. The next day she took the […]

One of a kind #MaghanSpeaks

Until recent times, most of our movies had a similar premise. A hero, hero meets heroine, a villain enters to make life difficult, hero defeats villain, […]

The Experience of a Lifetime #EktaSpeaks

Imagine walking into a coffee shop to buy something that you tasted maybe a week back in a different outlet but not remembering what you tasted.

Modernizing Sans the Serif #PoornimaSpeaks

Many businesses are trying to make a small change in their brand identity, which is a change in the font.

The Jack of All News #MaghanSpeaks

Before the evolution of mankind, news was always spread through word of mouth. But eventually, as times changed, so did the communication channels.

Food For Thought? #SumanjariSpeaks

This year, World Food Day saw delegates of the UN meet to discuss the theme, “Our Actions are Our Future.”

My Own Dream. My Own Business. #KunalSpeaks

One fine morning in July 2010 I realized that my work was my passion and my hobby.

The Brand of the Nation. #EktaSpeaks

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, in this case, happiness is nothing but how we describe a brand to be.

All That Froth Is Not Beer. #NikitaSpeaks

It’s that legendary time of the year again where we get an excuse to get great deals on beers and food at our favourite pubs, restaurants and breweries.

Ketchup & Mustard. #MaghanSpeaks

“You eat with your eyes first”. If you are a Masterchef fan, you may have often heard Gary Mehigen or Matt Preston repeat this over and again to their contestants, with due emphasis on their plating.

I Wear A Mask. #KunalSpeaks

“And that mask, it’s not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.”

Is No News Really Good News? #SumanjariSpeaks

You may have heard of products which aren’t branded, but have you heard of days which are the same? There are certain calendar days which are branded in a certain way such that the market profits out of it

Who doesn’t like a Healthy Competition? #EktaSpeaks

“Competition is always a good thing”, but competition between brands is even better.

Yeezy to Easy #MaghanSpeaks

How Kanye West’s personal identity led to the rise of a $1.5 billion brand!

Sometimes Less is More #EktaSpeaks

After hearing the people of Maharashtra say “Plastic factories ko bandh karo”, brands suggested a collaboration with waste pickers, conducting workshops and hiring mule drivers to collect the waste that harms the environment.

Diamonds are forever? #MaghanSpeaks

Remember the times when a girl’s engagement ring was worth two months’ salary of her fiancé? Would you imagine wearing such an expensive ring and traveling daily through the fast-paced life of Mumbai

Under the microscope: Design Thinking. #SumanjariSpeaks

Design thinking has a simple objective of solving a problem, whether it is a business problem or social problem.

Success in Seconds: The Story of the $1.5m Logo. #KunalSpeaks

A particularly memorable logo which remains to be hailed as one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed in the industry, is one which was doodled on a paper napkin by Paula Scher, partner at Pentagram, in only a few seconds!

How Some Brands Make It To The Collector’s Den. #NikitaSpeaks

When one is asked of brands they can recall, the answer is usually having to do with labels on products, apps we use or big MNCs and their sub-brands.

Mapping the Food Trail for the New Foodie in the City. #SumanjariSpeaks

The busy workaholic of twenty-six years has just shifted to a metropolitan city from his native place.

And & of Great Logos. #MCSpeaks

Take example of Snapdeal – a classic. Or consider Videocon – in news today for bankruptcy.

A person is a brand is a person. #PraachiSpeaks

If you were asked to name some brands off the top of your head, your answers would likely include Apple, Google and Nestle.

Where do the signs lead? #KunalSpeaks

A public space that is easily accessible and navigable is one that provides the user an organized, seamless and enjoyable experience.

The Sweet Reality Bites. #SumanjariSpeaks

Candies can be traced back as far as 1500BC to the ancient Egyptians who made candy, using honey, figs, nuts, dates and spices. It has always been there as the smallest sweet treat.

Should the story of the Indian pickle be rewritten? #SumanjariSpeaks

Pickles in India have a rich legacy, with ancient texts of 17th century and before, describing no less than fifty types of pickles.

The Shape of An SME. #MCSpeaks

The other day, in conversation with a potential client, he kept harping two words — ‘idea’ and ‘shape’.

Mapping Three Mindsets in Social Media. #SumanjariSpeaks

Ever thought of studying the medium of Facebook or other mediums from the socio-political and cultural context? A French researcher analyzed the Facebook user by trying to understand what people do on such social media platforms.

The Story Of V-Guard – Business Right to Branding Right

“New identity must always be the last elements of any re-branding exercise.

A Doughnut As Everyday

Doughnuts are going to celebrate 10 years of existence in India. The global doughnut market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% from 2017-2021.

New mindsets. New stories.

Indo-Anglians, non native English speakers in India, are the next consumer mindsets to reckon with for market researchers.

Theory of Coolness

Coolness is ever changing. So it’s very difficult to be cool and be up to date with new generations coming and going.

Once upon a brand

Imagine waking up to a whole new world that doesn’t remember you or your brand. What would you do?

*Caution* Robots in the brandscape!

Remember 1975? A year we were worried about biotechnological control. A group of scientists met in a coastal retreat of California