Brand Positioning

When you have found a window in the minds of your consumer, you have positioned your brand right. It is effective brand positioning which spearheads a business that is consumer-centric. Building a memorable and impactful brand starts with deciding the brand essence and personality and this leads the way to craft a powerful brand positioning statement.

The Key to Brand Positioning

At ABND, there is a holistic approach towards branding. As a brand positioning agency, we believe in diving deep and researching on all the 3 C's required for developing an effective brand positioning statement. The 3 C's entail your customer, channel and your competition. The channel is the primary venue of interaction with your possible consumer and competition so it helps in understanding the market and building the ideal buyer profile.

The positioning strategy adopted will always be in a context of the category the business operates in. All the marketing material of your competition is looked into. A positioning statement can often appear in a prominent place on the homepage of a website, in a press release, or a brochure. Mapping down the distinctness of each of your competitors and the brand language they adhere to, help in understanding the gaps in communication. At times cross-category competition studies also enrich our understanding of market perceptions which further fuels the positioning strategy. For instance, you can do what everyone's doing yet spell it out differently. Instead of saying what all washing detergents were saying about being the best stain fighter, Surf Excel took the opposing route and positioned itself strongly saying, "Daag Achhe Hain."

The brand positioning statement should also benefit the target audience, hence the need for studying the most important C which is the customer. When you talk directly to the customer's concerns, your target audience will listen to your message. For instance when, in the 1990's, Dettol introduced itself as medically tested and a guaranteed protector against germs which can trigger at least 100 illnesses. That was such a sound positioning strategy at the time that later Savlon couldn't capture the market share Dettol already had.

Today, the masses are overwhelmed by marketing messages. So it is not enough to just stop at proclaiming you're No. 1. The best way to test a positioning statement would be to ask 'Why No.1?'

Brand Positioning Strategy at ABND

As a brand consultancy, we know that the positioning strategy adopted by your business is probably one of the most important aspects of the way your brand is perceived in the market. This is how a classic positioning exercise can be broken down in simple steps:

Brand Promise

A brand promise is what is promised to the target audience apart from the product and services offered. People today are more loyal towards those brands that are purpose driven. Thus it is important to derive emotional benefits from existing societal happenings and project oneself as sensitive to the state of affairs. For instance, Dove celebrates the everyday beauty of women, regardless of any discrimination.

Brand Essence

A brand essence lies at the heart of the brand and it speaks of the main characteristic quality that makes the brand stand out. For instance, happiness being at the core of the way Coca-Cola is positioned, is something that defines the brand and makes it significant.

Brand Positioning Strategy: Brand Positioning follows the essence, where a single brand statement has to be written down, capturing the strength and unique offering of the brand and the motive or the purpose of the brand.

Brand Value & Personality

Ascribing attributes to a brand makes it person like and helps the consumer establish an emotional connection with the brand. We use brand archetypes to clearly map out which personality the brand would fit in, be it the 'Innocent' like Coca-Cola or the 'Outlaw' like Thumbs Up.

Brand Differentiation

The core differentiators of the brand, that makes it stand out from the competitors in the market, have to be worked out to strongly assert the brand positioning statement.

At ABND we have partnered with organizations big and small, particularly small and medium businesses, trying to understand the brand language they should talk in to resonate in the minds of their target mindset. The right words and the right tone of voice, if maintained consistently, would make for a strong brand positioning strategy.

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