Brand Identity

How is building an identity crucial to building a business? Because it is the brand image which is the visible element of branding. The verbal and visual identity of the brand are the building blocks of the brand persona. A positive brand image can only be built on the cornerstone of a relevant brand identity.

Strategy in Brand Identity Design

Design without strategy is like words without thought. The brand identity design is not just about making a pretty logo or thinking of a quirky name for a business. A business is not able to scale the heights if it can't capture the minds of the consumers. Crafting and creating brand identities require a sound strategy and brand positioning in place. As an agency which believes in strategic implementation of crafting brand identities, we believe that design is just not about beautiful logos. It is about breaking the creative clutter with strong thinking. Brand Identity design is about capturing the brand essence through powerful and impactful visuals, maintaining a tone of voice that resonates with the target audience. Design should be powerful, thoughtful and indicative, bringing alive and enhancing the brand image.

Thinking Beyond the Logo

Beyond the logo, designing the brand identity would involve maintaining a consistent visual and verbal language. It would mean designing standalone elements or styles which can be core differentiators for the business- for example the colour red for Coca-Cola or the swoosh as a brand icon for Nike which can be used apart from the logotype. The brand identity goes beyond the logo and exhibits itself in every element, every graphic and the very brand language and tone of communication. The brand persona of Starbucks is related through the customized touch that is offered at every level. Even if you want the smallest glass of coffee you get a 'Tall.' This entire brand language that is developed and all other experiential indicators that make for the customized appeal of the brand encompasses the verbal and visual identity of the brand.

Designing Brand Identity

Your brand identity encapsulates the name, the graphics, the words, the visual style, all communication collaterals and above all the larger brand experience. Designing the brand identity involves building the entire brand world of the business. Be it a single business card or the interiors of the retail space, your brand image has to be consistently maintained and only brand experts, both visual and verbal, can help you in creating an experience which is memorable and user-friendly. A simple thing like the interface of a website or an app, the conduct of your employees or even the signage system of the outlet reflects your business and brand ethos.

ABND, as a brand identity agency, helps in creating a positive brand image. This is easily done by building a meaningful brand experience, helping you to make a mark by asserting and affirming your external self-image and culture. A perfect bridge should be maintained between the internal personality of the brand and the external attitude of it. If this is achieved, the brand can speak volumes. This is how impactful your brand identity can become.

Why ABND is the best brand identity agency for you?

We, at ABND, deploy various methods to build on the brand identity of your business. Methods like the Kapferer's Brand Prism help the customer in understanding the physique and the culture of the brand, both internally and externally. We follow a diligent methodical approach of first analyzing the data, understanding the consumer and then taking the strategy forward in its creative implementations through potent imagery and words. Weaving the right words with the right imagery can work wonders in creating a positive brand image and crafting a memorable brand experience.

ABND is a brand identity design agency which will take you through a complete crafting of the brand identity right from the inception of understanding your business to translating it in meaningful visuals and imagery.

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