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B2B garment manufacturer looking at starting your own D2C or retail brand?

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We build purposeful and profitable brands.

ABND, an award-winning branding agency was established in 2010, with the vision of developing strong brands that go hand-in-hand with business objectives. Armed with a focus on the bottom-line and a brand-centric business solution approach, our team of branding experts have been able to create numerous successful brands that have gone ahead to create a massive impact in the fashion, lifestyle and garment Industry.

Take a look at a few of our branding success stories

Take a look at a few of our branding success stories

Bagzone (Lavie) came to ABND with the idea of creating a brand for a slightly economical range of products as compared to Lavie. While their new brand was affordable, they also wanted it to have a certain sense of aspirational value. Based on intensive market research, we developed Qisa, a brand under Lavie. The exercise involved strategy, positioning, brand naming, visual and verbal identity. As a brand Qisa is a part of your story, a story of triumphs and failures. You are a story, and nobody can tell it better than you.

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Creating a brand for the women who wears "herself"

Internationally renowned textile manufacturer, Sahiba wanted to venture into the B2C Retail space with a new brand. ABND was commissioned for this exercise. We created an award-winning brand that has today become a category game-changer with a global retail presence. Saundh is an apparel brand inspired by India for the woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Saundh’s fibre to fashion philosophy allows it to create clothing that transcends boundaries.

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Celebrating merits, celebrating flaws

Kami Kubi is a brand developed for Disha Enterprises, a B2B textile manufacturer supplying to leading ethnic wear brands in India. The contextual understanding that each woman is her own unique self and could not be labelled into a fixed type is what led to building the foundation of the brand. The new brand emerged from the idea of feeling ‘real’. We coined a unique name Kami Kubi, derived from "khamiyan / khubiyan" meaning flaws and merits, positive and negative, to highlight the ‘real’ woman.

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why ABND is the right branding agency for your Fashion, Clothing or Lifestyle Brand
#1Bridging B2B, B2C and D2C

With an extensive experience of working with major B2B textile manufacturers, we excel at transforming their B2B success stories into profitable retail ventures.

#2Fibre to Fabric to Fashion

Our in-depth understanding of this industry remains unparalleled. Right from fibre to fabric to fashion - we've worked across all areas and we bring that experience to the table.

#3A Seamless 360-degree Brand Experience

A proprietary branding approach that takes into consideration the complete brand experience, across all mediums. By utilising this framework, we ensure strong brand positioning, conflict-free brand names, a distinct brand identity, and a seamless and exceptional customer experience.

#4Unveiling Fashion's Finest

Our deep understanding of the fashion industry from collaborating with renowned fashion designers, textile designers, accessories designers, etc allows us to use this knowledge while branding.

#5Unleashing Digital Excellence

With a skilled team and proven retail and digital expertise, we craft digital strategies that align with modern consumer preferences and drive exceptional results.

At ABND, we don't just create logos and slogans, we craft experiences that capture the essence of your brand. Let us help you tell your unique story and stand out from the competition.