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We build purposeful and profitable brands.

ABND, an award-winning branding agency was established in 2010, with the vision of developing strong brands that go hand in hand with business objectives. Armed with a focus on the bottom-line and a brand-centric business solution approach, our team of branding experts have been able to create numerous successful brands that have gone ahead to create a massive impact in the Hospitality, Event and Food & Beverage Industry.

Take a look at a few of our branding success stories

A 360-degree brand experience for Art Village

ABND joined hands with Art Village from its very inception. The main branding challenge was to establish the positioning of the brand considering that it was an extremely dynamic place that was a resort, an art gallery, a retreat and an art residence all rolled into one. We helped them not just with branding but also with the business model and clearly establishing business objectives.

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Breaking through the clutter, branding a restaurant that demands attention.

Our team worked on positioning Kiro in a way that would distinguish it from the competition. We conducted a collaborative branding workshop to identify the target audience based on their lifestyle and mindset, rather than traditional demographic criteria. We also created a distinct name and visual identity that captured the essence of the restaurant's concept. The goal was to create a unique and compelling brand identity that embodied the restaurant's core concept, attracting customers seeking an immersive dining experience.

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Bringing Bayleaf to life, Branding a quintessential all-day eatery

ABND partnered with Bayleaf Cafe for branding their experience, where the exercise involved in-depth understanding of the target audience, their culinary expertise and business goals. We created a brand identity that reflects the essence of the restaurant, offering a retreat for the body, mind, and soul. ABND offered a comprehensive range of branding services to Bayleaf, guiding them through the process of establishing their brand.

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Creating Waves, branding South Mumbai's First fleet of Floatels (Floating Restaurants).

Queensline was a brand we created right from scratch. The branding exercise included brand positioning, naming, identity, and experience. Our approach was to create a brand identity that reflected the brand essence "passion for detail." We developed a communication strategy that centred around a moving ship, reflecting the brand's luxury, sophistication, freedom, and expression. Queensline was launched as a unique and luxurious dining experience ready to make waves and leave a lasting impression.

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From Concept to Reality, Pioneering a Trailblazing Intellectual Property for India's Thriving Nightlife.

INCA (India Nightlife Convention and Awards) was an intellectual property we helped envision and conceptualise with the founding team. We created a brand that represented the diverse stakeholders of India's vibrant nightlife industry, while also adhering to the relevant laws and regulations. The visual identity system and communication was crafted infusing elements that showcased the energy, diversity, and excitement of the nightlife in India, which helped establish INCA as a leading platform within the industry.

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Godwit - A Brand Catering to Travelers and Food Enthusiasts

Godwit is a café chain that debuted its flagship branch in Raipur. Extensive on-ground research conducted by ABND involved immersions with the Chef, architect, potential customers, and industry analysis to establish the brand. Targeting adventurous individuals with a penchant for new experiences, the brand draws inspiration from the Godwit bird, renowned for its endurance and exploration. The café's identity incorporates the bird's structure into a sleek emblem that embodies the spirit of travel. This cohesive branding extends across various platforms.

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why ABND is the right branding agency for your F&B, Hospitality or Event Brand
#1An Unrivalled Team of Experts

Besides Brand Designers and Strategists, the ABND team is equipped with a proficient team of skilled Architects, Interior Designers, and Experience Designers. Together, they possess the expertise to develop an end-to-end experiential brand.

#2In-depth Glocal Understanding

Research is at the heart of everything we do, which is why the ABND team comes with an intrinsic understanding of the dynamic factors that influence hospitality and F&B brands. This includes changing consumer profiles, geographic location dynamics, cultural influences, etc., which they take into consideration while creating brands.

#3An Award-Winning Hospitality

ABND has built an impressive network of F&B and Hospitality experts who act as the extended consulting team for our projects. Our panel includes hospitality consultants, architects, chefs, event managers, kitchen consultants, IP advisors and others who come with several years of experience.

#4Expertise in creating Intellectual Properties

ABND has a proven track record creating highly sought-after and award-winning intellectual property that can become valuable acquisition assets for their clients.

#5A Seamless 360º Brand Experience

A proprietary branding approach that takes into consideration the complete brand experience, across all mediums. By utilising this framework, we ensure strong brand positioning, conflict-free brand names, a distinct brand identity, and a seamless and exceptional customer experience.

At ABND, we don't just create logos and slogans, we craft experiences that capture the essence of your brand. Let us help you tell your unique story and stand out from the competition.