Coronavirus Impact: Why brands need to be socially responsible with campaigns

Posted on August 18, 2022

It was early this week, Coca-Cola announced in Philippines that it is putting a stop to advertisements by going ‘off air’. “Commerical advertising of Coca-Cola and all our brands will be put on hold. All our committed advertising space and budget will be redirected towards supporting COVID-19 relief and response for the most affected communities. We will rechannel PHP 150 million ($2.94 million),” the beverage maker in an official communique said. At a time when brands are realigning marketing spends or trying to raise awareness through various communications at home – Asian Paint (AP) Homes, a multi-category decor brand from Asian Paints has been in the spotlight for its recent advertisement in an English daily. The ad which highlights the offerings of the brand has received a backlash from industry experts both in terms of the communication as well as the message. Post the launch of its home decor business in 2019, Asian paints has been struggling to create a distinct identity for the home decor brand, Kunal Vora, co-founder and partner, ABND – a brand consultancy said. “While the advertisement comes from the home decor segment, the image fails to make a clear distinction in terms of its communication and establishes both the brands into the ‘paint’ category,” he added.

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