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ABND introduces Startup Branding Pack,
a unique branding solution for startups and new companies

This package is tailor-made to leverage our methodology and adapt it to optimize deliverables and timelines. This solution allows new companies to work with highly experienced branding experts while optimizing cost-effectiveness by limiting the number of deliverables to a minimum recommended to get you going.

We understand all the possible challenges entrepreneurs face while launching a new project. We know budgets are usually tight and unexpected details always keep popping, which is why with the Startup Branding Pack we aim to completely take away your branding worries and give you a brand that will not just stand out but moreover, stand the test of time.


What does the Startup Branding Pack include?

The Startup Branding Pack includes four essential things:


Brand Naming

Brand Naming A brilliant name is the basic core differentiator of your brand. It helps to build awareness and convey meaning. Naming your brand — whether it’s your company, products, or services — is a decision that can shape the future and trajectory of your business. Our proprietary brand naming process and research ensures a unique brand name that is bound to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Visual Identity

Our visual identity process is extensive and very detailed. We focus a lot on developing a unique identity that involves numerous hand drawn art explorations to begin with and eventually translated digitally. This allows us to create free-flowing original forms, thus setting us apart from our competition. Our visual identity team involves fine artist, charcoal artist and illustrators besides experienced graphic designers. The identity is designed to connect with users while ensuring the company’s rapid recognition and acceptance. Includes logo options and modifications, as well as all the associated graphic elements (typography, colours, composition, graphic elements, etc.).

Brand Applications

We have studied the basic resources required for a launch phase and we have included those in this package. Application examples include business stationery, presentation templates, marketing material, etc. We do realize that applications can vary a slightly based on the business, which is why our application list is customizable based on your requirements. Another unique thing about our applications is that we can give these to you in an open file template format that allows you to edit, adapt and customize for future use. If the project requires other elements, we will submit a document specifying recommendations to enhance the company’s image through specific brand elements.

Basic Guidelines

The most important part of any brand is consistency. This means that all brand elements must follow the same system with no conflicting uses. That is why the basic guide is so necessary. This is a PDF document that summarizes all the elements described above in a clear, orderly and visual manner. It also details how the new brand is to be rolled out, built and applied correctly. The guide also highlights the most appropriate and incorrect uses. This guidelines document will probably be your best investment to ensure a strong, consistent and clearly communicated brand.

About Package

Who is eligible for Startup Branding Pack?
This pack is designed for recently established startups and businesses (less than a year old) or companies that are still in the planning and development stages. We welcome entrepreneurs, companies or marketing department heads to get in touch with us to find out more about this package.
Can I get services that may not be offered under the Startup Branding Pack?

Absolutely! Although our package offers all the basic design elements that most startups require during their launch / developmental phase, we are more than happy to upgrade or customize this package based on your requirements.

We are a 360° brand solution company, click here to view our list of services. To know more about our services, feel free to connect with us.

How much does the Startup Branding Pack cost?
Contact us via e-mail at or call us at +91 920 920 4455 and we’ll be happy to inform you of the price of this pack and any other complementary service required in order to brand your business.
The future of your brand with ABND
Over the last few years we have worked with several startups and new businesses, we have helped them build their brand over time in phases. We have understood their business in depth and helped them pitch and present to investors, in some cases we have also realigned their brands to new market scenarios. This is exactly what sets us apart – we are a branding agency that works with the client on all three levels – research, strategy and design.

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