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Posted by ABND on February 19, 2019

All decisions in life are taken with certain expectations. Whether it is our career or our personal life, we make choices based on what we expect the outcome to be. But getting a pet in life is more like delivering a baby without planning how your life ahead should be. When you plan a baby, you are planning a family. But it is impossible to plan how a pet will change your life. It’s that story that we heard as kids, a stork comes and leaves this bundle of joy in our lives from up and beyond. Pets can be of any breed, size or species. As much as I would love to say that one must always adopt pets and give them loving homes, there are many people who purchase them to guard their lavish farms and houses or to make statements. There are so many wild endangered species that have been illegally trafficked just so that they can become someone’s showpiece. Now leaving such people and pets aside which are more like captive animals without choice, there are people and pet relations that go way beyond all boundaries known. This is the love and compassion that the world needs today.

My husband and me have been blessed to have Ego & Eba – two wonderful dogs in our lives who not only love us for the way we are, but also teach us to be patient and happy at all times. Above all, they have taught me to be forgiving, to be more like them, indifferent towards any mistakes others may make and to always see the good in everyone. Nowadays, pets are more than just an animal that a family has, but have rather become members of the family themselves. It doesn’t take long before the extended family, neighbours, and friends start treating them like their kids and siblings as well. Even businesses today have realised the need for having restaurant and resorts that allow pets. Parks are being built for furry buddies. There are events too that are manifested and celebrated for pets. It’s important for people like me to see that this acceptance and love makes it easy to take our pets around with lesser restrictions.

Being very close to one of the best dog parks in Mumbai called Zoic Pet Park situated in Borivali, my husband and I were happy to find a place for our dogs to just be themselves, playing in their own way and interacting with other dogs. Now encouraging such parks in the city definitely makes it convenient for the pet lover, knowing that there are places for them to socialize with their pets.

When it comes to socializing with friends and pets along, there is no place better than Doolally. It has always welcomed us along with our pets. Never have they ever had staff who are scared or paranoid around them while serving fellow customers. That brand is definitely the first pick of a pet parent to visit. Doolally has maintained their whole pet acceptance, by ensuring that it extends to their staff as well. This is exactly what the brand has gotten right. Adding free food for the pets is one of the best highlights too!

If you or any of your pet friends use flights to travel across India with your pets, you will be glad to know that Indian Railways have started allowing pets to travel with you in the trains. So no more caging and checking-in your pets. They can travel with you in your coach on your seat and be by your side the whole journey. Publicising this in the recent days has successfully managed to capture the attention of pet parents. Apart from this amazing convenience for the pet parent travellers, this business initiative will definitely make people choose trains over flights.

Society is making more and more room for pets. If you have ever heard of Pet Fed, the pet festival of the year, you will know how everyone wants to be a part of the festival, pet owner or not. With numerous activities, workshops and stalls, Pet Fed gives even people without pets, a chance to experience the love amongst thousands of dogs. It is initiatives like these that bring pets and humans closer together.

Having pets in my life is a decision I don’t regret and never will. Loving your pet and taking care of them is all they need. As pet parents you have to be worthy of this special companion in your life, the one who never turns his/her back on you, is always excited to see you after a long tiring day and can pull you out into the light on your darker days.


Bringing up a dog was never something I’d imagined. I used to be tremendously scared of them even though I’d lived with over 200 dogs in my vicinity. One day, my boyfriend received a call informing him that there was a litter of dogs up for adoption. It was never planned. He just ran to their house and fell in love, the minute he laid his eyes on her. She was sitting by herself in the corner and slowly looked at him. He sprung and held her in his arms and brought her home. She came into our life when everything was chaotic. We never appreciated life and family and the atmosphere was simply painful. Her entry changed everything. She taught us that forgiving and loving is as easy as licking you. Her unconditional love brought us all together and created an environment of love and immense affection for everyone in the house. She is our guardian, our naughty child, our mother and so much more. We will never be able to thank her for what she has done for us. We love you, Grace.

Living with Oscar always brings a lot of positive energy into the house. My hyper active Oscar means the world to me. He helps me analyse myself and calms me down after a busy day at work. It is so wonderful how pets teach us to love unconditionally and are forgiving just minutes after they are shouted at. Life just feels easy with him around me. LIVE IN THE PRESENT is what he always teaches me.

I have won an OSCAR in real life.

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