*Caution* Robots in the brandscape!

Posted by ABND on November 15, 2017

Remember 1975? A year we were worried about biotechnological control. A group of scientists met in a coastal retreat of California, Asilomar to lay down strict guidelines of genetic engineering while experimenting to create organisms that didn’t exist naturally.

Cut to 2017, we have another bunch of researchers meeting again at Asilomar to combat today’s threat- Artificial Intelligence. Trucks with driverless cars or robot waiters at the tables are just the beginning. AI might just take up more than blue collar jobs. It has the potential to take up our entire lives.

With robots being able to hold meaningful conversations, engineered to react to circumstances and people, using their storehouse of past knowledge, think about the decades to come! There might not just be a pizza delivery robot boy, we might be using a Siri as our personal assistant to a place that delivery, walk our dog or even say no to a potential client to our business! Robots might be left interacting with not just humans but more of their superintelligent clan. If so, would they find their own automated community, identifying certain habits, ideals and mores that they share in common? They might just turn out to be the biggest business influencers in the brandscape, with a mind of their own!

What would this entail for us humans?
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