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Posted by ABND on May 13, 2019

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one fine day, I came across a particular meme. It stated, “Nothing in life is really lost, until your mother can’t find it.” The amount of truth in this joke made me crack up, but also made me realise how dependent each one of us are on our mothers.

My mom and I share a very unique relationship. She is not just my mother, but my best friend in times of need, my sister in our daily quarrels and my daughter when she decides to be the child. In spite of the numerous roles she plays in my life alone, she still manages to come out shining on the other side. As much as I would love to keep talking about her, words fall short and do not do her justice. I’m sure a lot of kids out there will feel the same for their mother. Our lives never come with a manual, it comes with our role model, and that is kind of priceless.

We all look at Mother’s Day as an event that occurs every year on the second Sunday of May. It is a day when Social Media is full of Mother appreciation posts and all about how much we love them. A few may feel that it is needless to convey our love on the internet, but there is also a side that supports spreading this love. A day of positivity, Mother’s Day becomes a day when we dedicate everything that we have to the women who dedicate their lives to us.

The Brand World supports the later part of this group. Every year brands go all out with tributes to the women who are caregivers of this world. As branding enthusiasts, we look at brands as people with different personalities. One of these personalities is the caregiver, the one who protects people from harm. Their compassion and generosity are gifts and their sole aim is to help others in life. Here are my favourite brands that act as caregivers or talk to all the caregivers in the world.

Dove – Mothers Beauty

My number one brand of all time, Dove takes their “Real Beauty” a thousand steps ahead by showing mothers about their inner beauty and their legacy. In an effort to make mothers more confident about themselves, Dove instills a sense of self appreciation in the women who care about their child more than they care about themselves. It is true that a child builds her perception of beauty and all things beautiful through her mother. My mom always told me, “The beauty of a girl lies in her hair.” It is something that always made me love my hair, irrespective of its flaws. This campaign of Dove works along a similar line. It inspires women to look at everything that makes them beautiful, thereby making their daughters see the beauty in themselves too.

Our modern-day mothers have extremely complex purchasing conditions. Brands need to tap into their personalities with authentic and genuine efforts. This is exactly why Unilever’s Dove has such a success.

Johnson & Johnson

A mother never compromises on anything for her child. Johnson & Johnson has always been a name that mothers can trust. However, in the wake of the controversy against certain ingredients, Johnson & Johnson made the concerns of mothers across the world a priority, and spoke to them, mother to mother. Their decision to address the issue and remove the ingredients in question from their products, has not only helped build trust further, but also developed a deeper relationship.

For the long lasting good health of children, they worked towards the Japanese Legend of hand making 1000 origami cranes and sealing the promise that they made to every mother.

Amul – Mothers for Mothers Network

In another attempt to communicate directly to the mothers, Amul’s latest campaign beautifully depicts that it is mothers themselves who contribute to the wide network of Amul. Every mother loves her child, and the dreams of these mothers for their sons or daughters is the same; to see them grow up into healthy individuals.

Beiersdorf – Close to Consumers

Apart from brands who communicate to the caregivers, there are brands who are caregivers themselves. Beiersdorf Group, the parent company of numerous brands like Nivea, Hansaplast, Eucerin and many more, is trusted by consumers across the world. Their products and communication all show responsibility towards their employees, consumers and the environment. Beiersdorf as a brand is known for its credibility and they work towards fulfilling their promises.

Every time I look at my mother, I look at the purest form of love that exists. It is the love that only gives, without expecting anything in return. Brands today are moving towards an environment where they give the best that they can to their consumers. In return, all that really matters is a long and loving relationship and this is exactly the environment that I look forward to live in.

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