Namin’ it Right

Posted by ABND on December 6, 2022

What’s in a name asked Shakespeare centuries ago? At ABND our response to that is Everything!

A name defines and gives shape to a person, a place, or a thing. Let us deep dive into the importance of naming and getting it right.

Naming ceremony are a globally celebrated occasion and for some it is far more integral to their culture and heritage.

Many tribal communities have what they call a ‘sacred’ name, and in different tribes they get those names at different points in time in their life.

In the Ojibwe tribe, when a child is born, the ceremony invites the child’s chosen grandparents, who then come and pray for the child, and seek to find answers that are existential in nature, who he is, his needs and his sense of purpose in this world. At this point, a name is bestowed upon him that acts as a guide. Looking at a few Ojibwe name meanings; ‘Growing flower’ ‘Daughter of the moon’ ‘First star of the night’ ‘The voice we hear’ ‘Red Bear’ ‘Strong leader,’ it really brings to light how by virtue of carrying that name truly can shape the child’s life by acting as their guiding principle.

Similarly, in the African society, choosing the name for a new-born is of prime importance and it is believed that the choice of the name can influence the life of both the child and the family. For instance, the male name JANGA from Mubako, Cameroon means “you cannot shake me.” Factors such as the location of a person’s birth, order of birth, circumstances surrounding the birth as well as the gender of the child play significant role in the overall naming process and the actual name given. Take for example “Wambua,” it is a Kenyan name given to a male child born on a rainy day.

The evolution of a name and its significance is extremely important. What we call ourselves, how this came to be defined a big part of our lives.

As brand practitioners, we draw parallels from such cultural practices and sentiments because we understand the significance and how the human psyche can influence the success or downfall of brands and businesses. There is so much to be learnt from the infinite cultural practices, but for today, our focus is on naming it right.

First things first, choosing the right name for your brand. This is not going to and should not happen overnight. It is a painstaking and time-consuming process that is well-worth it at the end. Second, every naming process is one of a kind, so it is counter-productive to begin the naming process with benchmark names like Apple and Google. If you plan on having your business stick around for a long time, you need to invest into this foundational aspect.

A common mistake in the naming process stems from creators who do not consciously name the brand. Whether the name finally is your own name or talks about the company philosophy or is just a string of randomised letters and number, there needs to be an objective and experienced set of eyes who won’t let you get swayed by any bias.

Brand naming has traditionally been seen as a sub-set of Verbal identity, but don’t let that fool you about the magnitude of the subject ‘Brand naming.’ Here, at ABND, we recognise this difference. Which is why we see ourselves as brand partners wherein we work with you to grow your brand and business. This is a sentiment we share strongly within our team.

ABND’s Brand Naming services besides offering a very fresh, interactive, and immersive take on the naming process also follows a well-defined scientific process. To learn more about ABND’s approach just click on the below links or contact us directly

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