The Sweet Reality Bites. #SumanjariSpeaks

Posted by ABND on May 23, 2018

Candies can be traced back as far as 1500BC to the ancient Egyptians who made candy, using honey, figs, nuts, dates and spices. It has always been there as the smallest sweet treat.

Today, the market for candies is expanding at a rapid rate. It’s not just about making the kids happy, for adults it is also about popping in a small bite of sweetness without scooping up multiple helpings of a sinful dessert.

In the Indian context, while Pulse and Alpenleibe are fighting it out, it is interesting to consider how Re. 1 candies can reap up huge market profits, becoming a smart business move for small budget endeavours. Pulse became the eye candy of the nation when it got the core of its hard candy right. Indians love their kachha aam with spices rubbed on it; to adapt it within a candy was indeed path breaking.

Getting the palette of the Indian consumer right was the main thing that even if a small candy gets right does lead to a huge success. That is the secret of branding right for the business.

It is interesting to see that the candy may not be an object of interest only when the shopkeeper or the customer runs out of change. If it was so, Pulse wouldn’t have hit Rs. 300 cr. in two years.

If you want a chocolate factory to be made on a tight budget… take a pause. You might consider making a candy.

The smallest candy can make the biggest difference!

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