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Posted by ABND on September 10, 2019

Research says that at any given moment in a supermarket aisle, it takes a consumer an average of 8 seconds to decide which product he or she will purchase. This gives multiple brands in a single aisle, only 8 seconds to make a mark. Wouldn’t you feel tempted to buy any food or a beverage, packed in an appealing and unique manner? Packaging is not just the design. It is the colors, the material, its unique structure, communication and multiple factors that all add up together to create a masterpiece. I would definitely buy a product with a masterpiece of a packaging. The idea of creating a unique packaging design is to drive the consumer’s attention to your product. It has to stand out from the big and popular brands too!

Following is a compilation of a few creative packaging designs that have caught my eye and definitely stand out:

Playful Illustrations that interact with the product

This type of packaging works well for food and beverage products. The packaging design here for Beehive Honey Squares creatively shows a bear living with a love for honey, and filling his mouth with the biscuits. The packaging for pasta on the right shows how well the type of pasta creatively interacts with different hairstyles. May it be penne, elbow or spaghetti, there is a hair type for everyone. The minimalism of the packaging along with the clever play on colors ensure a unique and distinctive product.

The packaging designs also focus on displaying the product through a strategically placed window, thereby highlighting the quality of the product.


Playing with typography styles along the right colors makes a good base for an attractive packaging design. The two packaging designs on the right creatively describe the product with well-designed typography. The font styles and type depends on what kind of audience the product is calling out to.

Abstract forms

Abstract forms make the packaging look livelier. The packaging designs above uses simple yet bold forms with contrasting colors.

Stories / Series

The Mini Marvel Series, illustrated by Noma Bar on the Coca Cola cans are very eye catching. The minimalist visual style with monochromes of red and white talks very well about the character’s expression.

On the other hand, the packaging design for Pattern, a hair care product specially created for curly hair was crafted based on the story of Tracee Ellis Ross. Her struggle to find the right hair care product for her afro-textured hair at an affordable price inspired her to launch Pattern, which is communicated through its easy to understand packaging.

Color Coded

Color is a crucial Brand Communicator. Colorful sub products when put together on a shelf helps different it from its competitors and attracts a customer’s attention. Choice of colors largely depends on the nature of the product, the personality of the target audience, the brand essence and the competition presence.


Patterns on packaging could be inspired from anything like architecture, animal prints, art forms, etc. A well-designed pattern makes the packaging look stylish and unique from its competitors.

After seeing these interesting packaging styles and the limitless possibilities, it should be no hesitation to take your products packaging to the next level. The packaging can be colorful, bold, entertaining, bold or just plain functional. But needless to say, the more creative and thoughtful your packaging is, the more the product is likely to sell!

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