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Posted by ABND on October 18, 2018

Before the evolution of mankind, news was always spread through word of mouth. But eventually, as times changed, so did the communication channels. From wood block printing to digital print, print media has come a long way.

The primary motive of print media was to spread news and information to the general public in the fastest way possible. Earlier, man would anxiously wait for the newspaper every morning to start off his day. That single booklet was his source to the news and information from all over the world. However, in recent times, with the growing usage of Google and Digital news apps, the consumption of news has become more instantaneous and on the go. While this may be good in terms of faster reach and convenience, it also limits the amount of exposure every person subjects him/herself to. Attractive headlines or topics from interest areas are the only news that is ever read by a person. An individual interested in sports may not be interested in finance, and vice versa. In such a scenario, how can one increase their intake of knowledge?

Another factor that contributes to the dying age of print media is the increase in the advertisements or sponsored articles. Print in all its forms, may it be newspapers, brochures or hoardings, is flooded with promotions. While some may argue that ads are information too, it does not focus on news as a form of information. Less content and more ads is the latest trend.

To combat these problems, there is a well known term in Marketing known as Newsjacking. A term coined by David Meerman Scott, Newsjacking is a topic that has been covered by everyone in the marketing and advertising industry. As the name suggests, Newsjacking is all about hijacking the most trending and relevant news, while promoting your brand in the midst. Writing this article on the trending event of “International Print Day 2018” is a form of Newsjacking. It is a medium of spreading awareness on recent news, giving a view point on the same and promoting your brand, all at the same time. These types of ads are beneficial both to the consumer and the brand. Consumers tend to read more and become more aware of recent trends and news. Their intake of knowledge that was earlier limited now increases. On the other hand, brands build their personal awareness and increase recall.

Whether Newsjacking is done on physical or digital print, it will always gather eyeballs, if done right. An attractive hoarding at the side of the road or a trending article on social media is always hard to miss. When a news or topic is trending, any content created pertaining to that story is automatically featured at the top of the search list. Like any product, even news has a shelf life. A news lifecycle comprises of “A breaking news”, “Public excitement”, “Peak” and “Old News”. It is extremely crucial that brands pick the right time to Newsjack. It is all about finding the right moment to talk about a topic, while the story is building and before it is flooded on all mediums.

In India, the first name that comes to mind while speaking about Newsjacking is popular brand, Amul. Amul has followed and mastered the art of Newsjacking long before the term was coined. It has not only carved its way into trending topics but has managed to stay relevant and consistent even after all these years. No matter what the news, the Amul girl in her polka dot dress and bow has always been constant. This brand has not only managed to promote recent news, but also their own brand offering of being the “Taste of India”. Newsjacking is an intelligent, time conscious and topic sensitive tool, and Amul has used it masterfully and to the fullest. May it be the election of Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google or promoting net neutrality while criticising the TRAI, Amul has found a way to create content.

From waiting every morning for the newspaper, consumers now watch out for trends. The increasing number of bloggers and vloggers in recent times are proof to the concept that relevant content is the key to ensuring that print media never dies. The opportunities through newsjacking and media are endless. One just needs to keep an eye out!

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