Will the Maharaja wear a tiara?

Posted by ABND on August 11, 2023

Over the years, Air India has played the rebranding game, always keeping a foot in the past. In 2007 when they merged with Indian Airlines, they bid farewell to the Centaur and embraced the flying swan with the Konark wheel. Yet, they wisely clung to their iconic logotype, a fine example of harmonious English and Devanagari typography. (This logotype is indeed iconic, as bilingual logos so seamlessly integrated are a rarity)

Now, in their latest revamp, they’ve taken a full 360-degree turn. It’s like a clean slate with no traces of the past – or at least that’s how it appears. What they do with the Maharaja is yet to be seen. While this strategy may hold merit, it has led to a rather plain outcome. The livery design stands out with its elegance, and the color palette is truly captivating. However, the core visual identity lacks that spark. The Air India logotype seems devoid of any emotion, a rather lackluster presence.

And don’t even get me started on that amateur tiara slapped on the top right. It’s like they blindfolded themselves and played “Pin the Crown” on the Logo. It’s like a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit, leaving us wondering why it’s even there. (Let’s hope that a potential reincarnation of the Maharaja doesn’t involve the same tiara-wearing avatar)

With a hefty budget for an elaborate launch, encompassing various mediums, advertisements, and films, there’s no doubt this new identity will find acceptance. Yet, one can’t help but feel that the chance to craft something genuinely iconic has slipped through the cracks.

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