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Transforming Bharat: A Journey towards Eminence

The Challenge

Bharat, an industry leader with four decades of experience in the Infrastructure and realty sector, has earned acclaim for its proficiency in residential and redevelopment ventures. A decade ago, ABND orchestrated a highly successful rebranding endeavour for Bharat, catapulting the company into an era of substantial growth and extended operations across Mumbai.

Despite notable accomplishments, Bharat faced a significant challenge as it encountered a deficit in both brand equity and visibility. Completed residential and commercial projects, while achieving recognition under their specific project names, often failed to attribute the success to Bharat as the driving force. This incongruity significantly affected the sales and marketing efforts for newer projects, especially in regions where Bharat's presence was limited.

Our Approach

ABND adopted an exhaustive research methodology, integrating both primary and secondary approaches to shape strategic resolutions.

Primary Research:
  • Conducted immersions and workshops to understand internal and external stakeholder perceptions, expectations and areas of improvement.
  • Collaborated with the sales team and management through workshops to align objectives and gain valuable insights.
  • Participated in envisioning the future and scrutinising the trajectory to unveil prospective possibilities while evaluating the adaptability of the new brand.

Secondary Research:

  • Explored the intricacies of competition and category dynamics by analysing the segment landscape to pinpoint gaps and potential opportunities.
  • Examined crucial features like construction quality, legacy, landmark status and lifestyle elements to sculpt the brand's identity.
  • Explored the intricacies of competition and category dynamics by scrutinising the segment landscape to pinpoint gaps and potential opportunities. Examined crucial features like construction quality, legacy, landmark status, and lifestyle elements to sculpt the brand's identity.
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of competition and category dynamics, delving into key attributes and drawing inspiration from successful global brands for valuable insights.

Redefining the Challenge

ABND's findings highlighted that the company's inherent strengths, including its commitment to quality and punctual delivery, were not maximally leveraged. The group aspired to shift from the perception of being merely a developer to that of a diversified conglomerate, aiming to establish itself as the preferred brand across all its ventures.

To address these challenges, the following strategies were proposed:

  • Establish a distinctive brand positioning to outshine competitors.
  • Develop a sub-brand structure that contributes to the collective group brand equity.
  • Embrace a progressive brand positioning that goes beyond the conventional developer identity.

Our Solution

Bharat, deeply rooted in the ethos of precision and excellence, endeavours to lay a sturdy groundwork for the dreams and desires of its clientele and their loved ones. Through fostering meaningful bonds and exemplifying the principles of Joy, Integrity, and Community, it builds a resilient emotional and financial infrastructure, allowing families to thrive.

In line with this, the brand essence "Our Storeys for Your Stories," was defined, highlighting the profound importance of creating meaningful life narratives. This compelling articulation encapsulates Bharat's commitment to providing not just buildings, but also the environments where life's most precious stories unfold.

The target market was divided into three distinct categories, encompassing individuals and families looking for a sense of well-being through aspects like punctual delivery, quality, and a community-oriented approach. A distinct project classification for residential developments, ensuring a robust marketing and development strategy was also established. Primary filters for categorisation included location and square footage, while secondary considerations encompassed amenities and pricing. Collectively, these criteria sketch a vibrant community characterised by success, creativity, and a zest for life.

The Arrived (A+) - The Odyssey (An epic journey)
Premium luxury residential projects
Prosperous individuals who relish the finer aspects of life.
Colour: Gold, symbolising luxury and accomplishment.

The Achiever (A) - The Story (Legendary narratives)
Bridge to luxury projects
Seasoned individuals consistently seeking growth opportunities.
Colour: Purple, signifying independence and extravagance.

The Climber (B) - The Essay (A concise piece of writing)
Affordable luxury projects
Ambitious individuals eager to elevate their lifestyles.
Colour: Orange, representing ambition and optimism.

A decade ago, ABND introduced a consistent “Vistas” suffix across all of Bharat's realty ventures, aiming to fortify brand equity. Noteworthy projects such as Skyvistas, Parkvistas, and Ecovistas have garnered significant acclaim. Nevertheless, some developments departed from this nomenclature, leading to a dilution of brand identity. ABND recommended upholding this convention for all forthcoming projects. The 'Vistas' suffix evokes scenic beauty, elevating their allure. Projects like Parkvistas and Ecovistas further exemplify their commitment to seamlessly blending natural aesthetics with sustainable practices. Additionally, labelling the communal hub at each location as 'Clubvistas' underscores their dedication to furnishing residential spaces with premium amenities, services and community building.

Future-proof Brand

In shaping a forward-looking brand, ABND envisioned diverse avenues to propel Bharat into new frontiers. The strategic framework extended beyond conventional residential and commercial properties, exploring expansive ventures in Hospitality and Education. This transcended physical spaces, embracing innovative elements like enhanced customer experiences with supplementary services, financial support, and advanced housekeeping solutions.

Considering the evolving landscape, ABND speculated on potential ventures, contemplating entry into sectors like building materials and manufacturing. This comprehensive exploration transcended beyond economic diversification; it also aimed at contributing meaningfully to society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The overarching goal was to forge a dynamic and enduring image for the Bharat brand, poised to navigate the uncertainties of the future with adaptability, innovation and a commitment to holistic progress.

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