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Forging a link between B2B and B2C sectors for a distinguished Textile Manufacturer through a successful women's fashion brand

The Challenge

In collaboration with Sahiba Fashion, a prominent global textile manufacturing leader celebrated for its printed and embroidered fabrics, ABND undertook a revolutionary venture to establish an exclusive B2C retail brand for women's apparel. Renowned for innovation and industry stature, Sahiba Textiles aimed to extend its influence by introducing a contemporary, trendsetting brand that harmonised tradition with global design aesthetics.

The challenge was significant; within the saturated landscape of Indian and Indo-Western women's fashion, ABND’s objective was to establish a brand that not only distinguished itself but also seamlessly integrated with Sahiba Textiles' existing B2B portfolio. As a pivotal contributor to the manufacturing processes for some of the nation's prominent brands and fashion designers, it was essential that the new brand complemented, rather than conflicted with, their established business.

Our Approach

ABND employed an in-depth approach to understand the industry, market, and stakeholders globally.

This included:

a. Brand Modelling Workshop: In-depth interviews with stakeholders to unearth the essence of the brand.

b. Manufacturing Facility Visit: A firsthand exploration from fibre to fabric to fashion, emphasising quality and craftsmanship.

c. Online Customer Surveys: Gathering feedback to align with customer preferences.

d. Competitor Analysis: Identifying market gaps and strategic positioning.

The synthesis of these endeavours provided profound revelations that served as the bedrock of the brand strategy. Significantly, these revelations helped in tackling important areas of intervention: "What defines your brand identity?" and "Who embodies the customer persona?"

It became apparent that the brand required a representation of its global appeal while staying deeply connected to its roots. This balance emerged as the guiding ethos in crafting the essence of the new brand.


Brand Positioning and Strategy:

In formulating the brand identity, ABND extensively explored the insights derived from the workshop, crystallising a potent brand essence synonymous with being authentically anchored and deeply grounded in values. The brand's distinctive stance not only invites a departure from conventional luxury but also transcends the confines of everyday experiences. The resultant brand positioning is succinctly encapsulated as "Rooted, Every-Wear, Everywhere." embodying a brand intricately interwoven with fabrics, steeped in tradition yet marked by dynamism and innovation.

Mindful of sidestepping confining classifications, ABND abstained from delineating the product range into specific categories such as Indian or Indo-Western attire. This deliberate ambiguity ensures that the brand serves women who shape their identity rather than being constrained by predetermined labels.

Customer Profile:

In harmony with the brand positioning, the envisioned customer profile encapsulates an adventurous spirit—a self-assured, easy-going woman with a clear understanding of her preferences. Saundh is meticulously crafted with her at the forefront, a tribute to her confidence and ease with her own identity.

Brand Name:

To resonate on a global scale, the brand needed a name that captured the essence of universal joy. Drawing inspiration from the universally relatable fragrance of the first rains, "Saundh" emerged. The name embodies the freshness, wide appeal, and consistency reminiscent of petrichor across diverse landscapes, symbolising a brand that transcends geographical constraints.

Brand Identity:

Saundh's logo encapsulates the brand's essence through an abstract representation. It visualises the journey of a raindrop, penetrating the soil to emerge as an unforgettable fragrance—rooted and universal. The choice of Waft Blue for the logo symbolises the union of raindrops with the soil. These elements harmonise to convey the distinct emotion that is Saundh.


Established in Mumbai in 2019, Saundh has swiftly emerged as a formidable force in the fashion industry. Boasting a presence in over 30 stores across 19 cities and a robust online platform, the brand has surpassed all expectations. Renowned for its superior quality and distinctive style, Saundh has also successfully introduced a line for men and garnered praise in prominent publications.

Looking ahead, Saundh envisions reaching 50 stores within the next two years, anticipating a turnover exceeding Rs 200 crore. Prioritising flagship stores in key metropolitan areas, the brand is poised to diversify its product range, encompassing menswear, kidswear, and accessories such as shoes and jewellery. Saundh's journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring a consistent alignment with the established strategy and positioning.

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