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Branding India’s fastest growing company in the Medical Disposables and Equipment sector.

The Challenge

  • To establish a distinguished Medical Disposables Company in India, earning trust and credibility across the industry
  • To establish a distinguished Medical Disposables Company in India, earning trust and credibility across the industry
  • To attract attention from manufacturers, global corporations and cultivate a robust brand for prospective joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions.

Upon initiating engagements, ABND promptly acknowledged the crucial need for urgency in advancing Critical Care initiatives. While emphasising the creation of top-tier products remained pivotal, establishing a reputation as a responsive On- call partner across various therapy areas became equally significant.

Furthermore, given the extensive scope of the Medical Disposables segment, it became imperative to pinpoint specific areas of intervention in order to differentiate the brand.

Our Approach

With these pursuits in focus, ABND delved further into the market, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the category, target audience and pertinent stakeholders across various geographical locations. The immersive process encompassed:

  • In-depth interviews with the key stakeholders
  • Competitor analysis
  • One-on-one discussions with medical practitioners

The Solution

ABND identified industry needs as potential opportunities for the emerging brand. Anaesthesiologists, recognized as a valuable yet often overlooked resource, emerged as key influencers in the decision-making process within this sector, becoming a primary focal point. Initially established on smaller medical disposables within a competitive category, the business plan underwent a strategic pivot guided by ABND's insights. This shift included a broader focus on larger medical equipment, rehab robotics and dedicated emphasis on extensive Research and Development to foster innovation.

Helmier's foundation is rooted in authenticity and decisive action, encapsulated by its core essence, "No Tomorrow for Care."

While many brands tend to avoid negative tones in their messaging, Helmier adopted a bold approach. ABND aimed to convey the urgency associated with critical medical solutions, such as surgical values, and extend the same sense of urgency to non-critical products like large-scale medical devices. This resulted in a distinctive brand essence, permeating actionable strategies to instil this sentiment within the healthcare industry.

Founded by former C-Suite executives from prominent global medical equipment organisations, Helmier organically radiates leadership and credibility. The brand essence inspired the name "Helmier," symbolising the aspiration to be at the helm of progress and steer the organisation in the right direction, making it an appealing proposition for investors and external stakeholders.

The brand's visual identity incorporates an exclamation mark, reinforcing the urgency and dynamism essential in this industry. The chosen brand colours intentionally stand out within the Healthcare sector, epitomising a progressive organisation.


The Impact

The brand enthusiastically debuted at a conference attended by hundreds of leading anaesthesiologists from the country. The name and identity not only resonated with the medical practitioners but also struck a chord with the internal team, mirroring their aspirations and goals in the field. Helmier has also piqued the interest of investors and successfully forged joint ventures and collaborations with global medical device manufacturers, thanks to its distinctive positioning in the market. The brand's communication has been warmly embraced in numerous hospitals across India.

A noteworthy milestone for Helmier is its recent authorization as the distributor for all Smith's Medical products in India, following the acquisition by icumedical This development further intensifies Helmier's position and opens up new avenues for growth and expansion.

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