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Creating a global children nutraceutical brand

The Challenge

Eternal Mark, a renowned player in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical devices sector based in Hong Kong, enlisted ABND's expertise to evaluate the viability of introducing a new consumer-oriented nutraceutical brand specifically designed for children. As a predominantly B2B manufacturer, Eternal Mark was deliberating the prospect of entering the consumer market in this particular category. ABND faced the task of conducting a comprehensive assessment of this potential venture and crafting a compelling brand strategy for the company.

The Approach

The project commenced with an exhaustive exploration of the nutraceutical landscape, evaluating the potential for introducing a new brand. ABND’S research spanned a global scale, involving a detailed market analysis of the children's nutraceutical sector.

To gain valuable insights into consumer perspectives, ABND engaged in one-on-one interviews, immersion sessions, and focus group discussions with parents. These sessions aimed to uncover the perceptions associated with nutraceutical products. Furthermore, expert opinions were sought by engaging in discussions with esteemed paediatricians. These conversations focused on understanding the parental mindset, gauging children's acceptance, and delving into the specific nutritional needs for children.


Through research and analysis, ABND unearthed a pivotal insight: parents prioritised a product's quality and efficiency, searching for a solution that nurtured their child's growth without compromising taste. On the contrary, children were captivated by sensory experiences, craving products that tantalised their taste buds, sparked engagement, and infused an element of joy and excitement.

This revelation underscored the need to craft a brand that resonated seamlessly with both - the discerning parent and the spirited child, bridging the gap between parental expectations and youthful exuberance. Recognising gummies as a happy medium, ABND identified their brilliant potential on a global scale, offering a nutritious solution for children while aligning perfectly with the values and preferences of parents globally.

Brand Name

ABND crafted the brand identity 'Gumazing,' seamlessly blending 'Gummies' and 'Amazing.' This brand name transcends mere nomenclature, functioning as a potent representation of the product's inherent qualities and cultivating a positive association with well-being. 'Gumazing' adeptly bridges the divide between parents and children, assuring effectiveness for parents while guaranteeing an exhilarating and flavorful experience for kids. With a global perspective in mind, the name ensures widespread acceptance, transforming it into more than just a label—a universally comprehended testament to the exceptional nature of the product.

Brand Essence & Positioning

ABND's core concept for Gumazing pays homage to the deep emotion inherent in the purest form of connection: a hug between parent and child. This inspiration serves as the bedrock for Gumazing's positioning, exuding warmth, affection, and the steadfast assurance of love, care, and protection. Within the sphere of early childhood nutrition, Gumazing stands as a pioneer, establishing unprecedented benchmarks by emphasising quality and trust, encapsulated in the compelling essence: 'Gummies that care.'

The impactful positioning statement, "Don’t Just Be Amazing #BeGumazing," encapsulates the brand's unwavering dedication to revolutionise the realm of children's well-being. Gumazing is dedicated to raising the benchmarks in early childhood nutrition, reshaping the path to one that prioritises health, safety, and the infusion of love and joy. It goes beyond mere excellence; it's a transformation into something extraordinary, embodying the essence of becoming Gumazing.

Brand Identity

Gumazing's visual identity was intricately crafted to encapsulate its fundamental principles and engage its target audience effectively. The selected typeface, inspired by the delightful texture of gummies, introduces a playful dimension. Furthermore, the subtle incorporation of a hug in the design eloquently communicates the brand's emotional connection with its customers.

To diverge from the clinical ambiance often associated with traditional pharmaceutical products, a vibrant colour palette was embraced. Yellow signifies happiness, orange exudes joy, green embodies health, and brown represents strength—qualities that Gumazing aimed to instil in its youthful clientele.

Character Design

ABND brought the brand to life through Gumazing, a captivating mascot designed to resonate with children by aligning the character with the heroic journey. Gumazing personifies strength, resilience, and a playful spirit, encouraging children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We crafted a compelling backstory, establishing a narrative and universe for Gumazing to inhabit. These assets became pivotal as Eternal Mark expanded its brand beyond nutraceuticals, delving into merchandise, forming strategic partnerships, and exploring the potential for an animated series.


ABND ingeniously revamped Gumazing's packaging strategy, devising a versatile solution tailored for diverse global markets. Vibrant colours delineate flavour profiles, enhancing brand recognition. Carefully crafted labels adhere to varied nutraceutical regulations, guaranteeing accurate information on a global scale. This dual emphasis on brand identity and compliance underscores ABND's unwavering commitment to delivering a premium Gumazing experience worldwide.


Gumazing has adeptly transcended linguistic and cultural boundaries, carving out a distinctive niche in the children's nutraceutical sector. The brand's whimsical yet reassuring identity has resonated profoundly with both parents and children, garnering widespread acclaim across South East Asia. This success has manifested in the creation of merchandise featuring the endearing character.

Significantly, in Singapore and Malaysia, Gumazing has cultivated successful collaborations with renowned children's franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Peppa Pig. This strategic partnership has not only heightened the brand's visibility but also solidified its position in the regional market.

Moreover, Gumazing's dedication to safeguarding its intellectual property is evident in the successful trademarking of its name, identity, and all other brand assets in over 70 countries. This not only ensures the brand's integrity but also reinforces its global recognition and market presence.

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