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Branding to build a Culinary Haven and Community Hub at the heart of Juhu.

The Challenge

T-Leaf Services turned to ABND with a unique vision: the creation of a captivating brand identity and a visually enchanting ecosystem for their inaugural foray into the hospitality realm with 'Bayleaf Café'. Drawing on their valuable experience as franchise owners, T-Leaf Services was ready to elevate their journey by venturing into the world of launching their own café.

Our Approach

With this goal at the forefront, ABND delved into the market with a comprehensive exploration, unravelling the intricacies of competition, honing in on the target audience, and deciphering the unique geographical advantages surrounding the restaurant's location.

The process involved

  • Immersions with founders, architects, and chefs
  • On-site visits for an authentic feel
  • Savory menu tastings
  • Thorough analysis of competitors

Drawing insights from immersive encounters and on-site visits, these revelations served as crucial signposts, guiding the visual journey for Bayleaf Café's distinctive identity. Bayleaf Café stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and immersive storytelling, offering patrons an extraordinary journey through taste and ambiance.

Our Solution

Nestled in the vivacious heart of Juhu, Bayleaf Café emerges as a graceful reflection of its coastal haven. Capturing the dynamic spirit of this seaside locale, the café's visual identity is a tribute to the nearby Arabian Sea, intertwining elements such as waves, the celestial dance of the sun and moon, and an aroma that encapsulates the rhythmic essence of Juhu's atmosphere. This artful homage not only roots the café in the local geography but weaves it seamlessly into the vibrant fabric of Juhu, enriching the overall dining experience.

The brand's pastel pink and deep green colour palette serves as an enchanting backdrop, symbolising a commitment to holistic indulgence for the body, mind, and soul. Inspired by the lively ambiance of Juhu, these hues stand as a visual testament to the unparalleled experience Bayleaf Café promises. Beyond mere design, ABND's consultancy extended to on-site visits, strategic signage recommendations, and thorough PR reviews- ensuring that the brand's essence resonated seamlessly in each facet of execution.


In the dawn of January 2023, Bayleaf Café unfurled its wings, and within the initial months of operation, it soared to remarkable heights. Swiftly claiming its spotlight in culinary conversations, the café has etched its name among the elite, securing coveted positions in articles that proclaim for it to be one of the top 10 Must-visit culinary havens in Mumbai. This early acclaim serves as a resounding testament to the compelling and harmonious brand narrative of Bayleaf Café, swiftly propelling it into the ranks of noteworthy players in Mumbai's dynamic culinary landscape, all achieved within an impressively short timeframe.


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