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Repositioning Legacy: Transforming a 40-Year-Old Electrical Solution Provider for Market Dominance


Pressfit, a prominent entity in the electrical industry with a wide range of products and a nationwide sales and distribution network, faced a significant hurdle. Despite offering over 4000 SKUs, the company struggled to establish brand equity for the Parent Company and effectively target their diverse product range to the appropriate audience segments. The challenge at hand was to refine the communication strategy, transitioning from individual product promotions to a unified approach centered around a singular brand identity. The objective was to cultivate a cohesive brand image that resonated with both B2B and B2C audiences, thereby strengthening Pressfit's market presence and fostering long-term brand loyalty.

Our Approach

Primary Research

The primary research methodology employed for Pressfit involved the following:

  • Focused Group Discussions with the Management to gain profound insights into the organisational culture, offerings, and values that drive the business forward.
  • In-depth workshop engaging various stakeholders within the Pressfit team.
  • One-on-one interviews with electricians, plumbers, retailers, dealers, and distributors.
  • Surveys with identified target groups

This multifaceted approach ensured a thorough exploration of diverse perspectives within and outside the organisation, enriching the research process.

Secondary Research

The secondary research methodology employed for Pressfit involved:

  • Conducting a comprehensive study encompassing both retail and direct-to-consumer channels, with a specific emphasis on understanding purchasing behaviour.
  • Delving into available data and studies related to retail dynamics and consumer preferences,

This approach sought to gather existing information and insights from various sources to complement the primary research findings. The secondary research method contributed valuable context and depth to the overall understanding of Pressfit's market landscape.

Our Soultion

Brand Positioning & Strategy

ABND discerned that within the crowded landscape of the electrical industry, consumer demand for convenience often goes unrecognised. Leveraging this insight, Pressfit underwent a repositioning as a comprehensive provider of end-to-end electrical solutions, consolidating multiple offerings under a single umbrella. This strategic shift aimed to emphasise the notion of convenience, thereby resonating with the target audience's latent needs and distinguishing Pressfit in the marketplace.

ABND proposed a strategic refinement in the brand's nomenclature, shifting from the original name "Press Fit," which originated from the pivotal PVC Casing-Capping product introduced in 1989, to the more streamlined and contemporary "Pressfit." This purposeful adjustment was envisioned to enhance brand recall while simultaneously freeing the brand from exclusive association with a singular product or its specific features.

Brand Identity

A reinvigorated brand identity, encapsulating the notion of 'end-to-end,' was painstakingly crafted to visually embody Pressfit. The iconic orange hue, synonymous with the brand's legacy, underwent refinement for a more distinctive and versatile appearance across both physical and digital realms.

Brand Communication

The brand communication strategy was anchored in three pivotal elements:

  • Concentration of Distribution: Prioritising strategic distribution channels to enhance market penetration and accessibility.
  • National Pride Across Borders: Emphasising the brand's national identity as a source of pride transcending international boundaries, fostering a sense of trust and recognition.
  • Simplicity in Electrical Solutions: Expressing the commitment to simplifying electrical solutions, making them accessible and user-friendly.

Additionally, the entire product range was categorised into three verticals
B2B: Behind-the-scenes heroes; concealed pipes, wires, and fittings.
B2C: Front-and-centre stars; switches, lighting, and bells that shine.
B2B2C: The essentials that bridge the gap; MCBs, spike guards,power accessories, and more.

This equipped Pressfit to redefine the rules of engagement in an industry often marked by complexity, offering a seamless and convenient experience for both industry professionals and end consumers alike.

Given the product's price positioning and the identified target audience, the communication style adopted was a blend of Hindi and English, commonly referred to as ‘Hinglish’. This linguistic choice was exemplified through a cohesive communication unit proclaiming 'Full Range ka Benefit, Aapka Apna Pressfit' (Full Range of Benefits, Your Own Pressfit). This not only served to reinforce existing relationships but also effectively communicated the diverse range of offerings across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C domains, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence in the market.


After the strategic rebranding, Pressfit not only broadened its product portfolio with innovative offerings but also adeptly communicated these diverse solutions within the established framework. The execution of the refined communication strategy has been instrumental in facilitating smooth engagement with the respective target audiences, thereby propelling the brand's expansion in the market. The strategic harmonisation of the brand identity with an extended range of products has positioned Pressfit as a flexible and forward-looking player, striking a chord with its audience and fueling enduring growth.

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