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Forging a cutting-edge steel dynasty, conceived through strategic acquisition and primed to pioneer innovation and sustainable growth.

The Challenge

Nithia Capital, a dynamic UK-based Investment powerhouse renowned for its expertise in industrial revitalisation, embarked on an ambitious journey with the acquisition of Uttam Group. The task at hand was to breathe new life into this union, harmonising the visions of Nithia Capital and Uttam Group amidst a multidimensional industry landscape. Steering through pivotal strategic decisions, such as the preservation of the esteemed Uttam brand and the evaluation of regional product identities, emerged as critical elements in shaping Nithia's destined path forward.

Our Approach

In tackling this formidable task, ABND embraced an exhaustive and research-intensive methodology. Employing a blend of primary and secondary research techniques, the aim was to unveil the core hurdles hindering the reimagination of the Uttam Group.

Primary Research: Immersions and Workshops

  • In-depth interviews and immersive experiences with stakeholders, extracting firsthand insights and narratives.
  • Dynamic workshops involving diverse groups, delving into various modules for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Off-site brand modelling sessions and on-site visits to the plant and retail market.

Secondary Research: Unveiling Industry Dynamics

  • Delving into the industry's intricacies, ABND combed through an array of resources. Research reports, compelling case studies, insightful articles, comprehensive industry reports, and enlightening competition studies provided a mosaic of knowledge.
  • Interviews with industry experts added a valuable layer to overall findings.

Our Solution

Recognising a mission far grander than a mere rebranding of Uttam Steel, ABND set out to craft a novel steel brand within the esteemed Nithia Capital family – an entity that would not only embrace Uttam's storied heritage but seamlessly align with the visionary outlook of Nithia Capital.

As the challenge took on a renewed definition, it became imperative to fathom the myriad stakeholders comprising employees, dealers, governments, investors, customers, and the environment. In a departure from the competitor approach fixated solely on the future, the foresight emerged to centre the new brand on the present. The brand's essence, encapsulated in the statement "Here for All," emerged as a distinctive positioning, bridging a notable gap in the market.

Brand Identity and Visual Architecture

In the birth of a commanding and unique Brand Name, 'Evonith' emerged- a name that echoes the strength of a true Steel industry titan. Evonith seamlessly entwines the concepts of 'evolution' and 'eternity' (given the profound meaning of 'Nithia' as 'Eternal'), encapsulating the perpetual transformation of 'Nithia' within the Indian industrial landscape.

The "Tripeaks" logomark stands as a living testament to Evonith's pledge to transcend the conventional role of a mere steel producer. Instead, it embodies the very essence of its core values: People, Impact, and Excellence. Within this symbolic emblem, each peak serves as an indispensable pillar. 'People' signifies the company's deep-rooted commitment to its workforce, 'Impact' underscores its role as a catalyst for positive change, and 'Excellence' highlights its unyielding pursuit of perfection and distinction. The Tripeaks symbolise not just steel, but a commitment to a higher standard—a mark of Evonith's unwavering dedication to its principles.

In anticipation of Evonith's expansive reach into subsidiaries and acquisitions, a versatile visual architecture was designed. This dynamic framework accommodates sub-brands tailored to the nuances of steel and its diverse offerings, ensuring crystal-clear communication and consistency across the entire brand portfolio.

ABND orchestrated a thoughtfully phased brand introduction, navigating the Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-launch stages to breathe vitality into this brand and unveil it to the world.


Evonith's exacting efforts in rebranding reached their zenith with a resounding and triumphant launch in 2022, winning accolades not only from industry experts but also resonating widely beyond those circles. The success was ceremoniously sealed with a nationwide press release, marking the official entry of the new brand into the market and solidifying its reborn identity. Following this grand unveiling, Evonith not only captured favourable attention but also shattered preconceived notions, heralding a new era that propelled sustained growth and elevated market value. The strategic move to shed the Uttam name in favour of a fresh identity emerged as a masterstroke, proving to be a remarkably effective strategy for Nithia Capital's broader acquisitions.

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