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The University of Self Discovery

The Challenge

A university is not just a place of education, but an experience. In a sea of sameness, where all institutes spoke about curriculum and placements, Vidyashilp University had to stand apart with a unique belief and essence.

The Solution

The idea of ‘Vidyashilp’ at its core, was to ‘sculpt education’. Using this as a premise, we built a brand with the foundation of placing the student at the center of the University. The student was defined as 'YOU', to look beyond labels, and as active participants in shaping the future. It is this uniqueness that would further be cultivated by the university, sculpting education to be their springboard towards success. This end vision of propelling every individual towards their respective visions, stood as common goal for the university to come together and say, “We are ‘With YOU’.” We further developed a system to differentiate the four programs offered at VU, i.e. UG, PG, Diploma, and Doctoral.

Vidyashilp University was established on the guiding principles of liberal education. Each school under the University would not function in silos, but rather as a seamless and interdisciplinary system. This was further depicted through an integrated model, that was concentric in arrangement. Furthermore, we developed a visual architecture for the schools and the various campuses, in terms of its geographic association.

The image styling for the university communication focused on the idea of centering the student as a focus and blurring out their surroundings; thereby stating that ‘irrespective of the number of individuals around you, you continue to be unique’.